WALKER,Christian CIN  AL .440 1.000 6 25 11 2 0 4 5 10 4 0 0 0 0 0
PERALTA,Freddy SBL  AL 2 2 0 0 2.92 12 4 4 # 16 3 0 0 0 0 3
BETTS,Mookie SEL  NL .429 .857 5 21 9 0 0 3 4 7 3 1 0 1 0 0
GRAY,Sonny TEM  NL 2 2 0 0 0.00 12 0 0 5 11 4 0 0 0 0 0

Chicago  Mobsters @ Motor City  Muscle

Preview: The Chicago Mobsters (38-27), on a fiery streak with a 9-1 record in their last 10 games, are set to clash with the struggling Motor City Muscle (20-45), who have stumbled with a 2-8 record in their recent outings. The Mobsters, showcasing a blend of tactical prowess and on-field dominance, look to extend their impressive run. Meanwhile, the Muscle, despite recent setbacks, will be eager to turn the tide and upset the odds.

Given the contrasting forms of both teams, the odds are leaning heavily in favor of the Chicago Mobsters. A hypothetical betting line might see the Mobsters as strong favorites, possibly around -200 or higher, indicating bettors would need to wager $200 to win $100. Conversely, the Motor City Muscle, as underdogs, could be placed at around +170, offering a $170 payout on a $100 bet if they manage to clinch the series.

Please note that these odds are illustrative and for entertainment purposes only, as they do not reflect real-time betting lines.

Game #1: In a dominant display, the Chicago Mobsters shut out Motor City Muscle with a final score of Chicago 7 – Motor City 0. The Mobsters’ offense was on fire, with Y. Diaz and A. McCutchen each smashing home runs and contributing 3 RBIs apiece. The game started with L. Arraez extending his hitting streak to 10 games with a base hit, followed by A. Bregman doubling to keep his own streak alive. Diaz’s three-run homer in the 1st inning set the tone for the game, and McCutchen’s two-run shot in the 3rd inning further cemented the Mobsters’ lead. On the mound, Chris Bassitt delivered an outstanding performance, striking out 11 over seven and a third innings, allowing just one hit and walking two. MacKenzie Gore, on the other hand, struggled early and was pulled after giving up five runs on nine hits, including the two homers. The Mobsters’ bullpen held firm, with a series of relievers preserving the shutout. The Muscle’s offense couldn’t find its rhythm against the Mobsters’ pitchers, ultimately failing to score throughout the game.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Motor City 0

Win: Chris Bassitt 5-5 (4.11)
Loss: MacKenzie Gore 2-9 (6.16)

Game #2: In a game dominated by Motor City’s pitching, the Muscle shut out the Mobsters with a final score of 4-0. Alex Faedo led the Muscle to victory, improving his record to 2-1 with a stellar 0.86 ERA, while Alek Manoah took the loss for the Mobsters, dropping to 2-1 with a 4.26 ERA. The game was marred by significant injuries to both Noelvi Marte and Andrew McCutchen. Marte was injured in a collision with McCutchen, which led to both players exiting the game. Marte is expected to be out for 16 days, while McCutchen will miss 13 days of action.

The Muscle’s offense capitalized in the 4th inning, starting with a solo home run by K. Carpenter. Later in the same inning, L. Butler doubled to deep center, driving in two more runs. The Muscle added their final run in the 7th inning with a base hit by Carpenter. Despite the Mobsters’ efforts, including a double play in the 9th inning that showcased Motor City’s defensive prowess, they couldn’t overcome the Muscle’s lead.

Final Score: Motor City 4 – Chicago 0

Win: Alex Faedo 2-1 (0.86)
Loss: Alek Manoah 2-1 (4.26)

Game #3: In a tight contest that showcased the pitchers’ duel, the Motor City Muscle edged out the Chicago Mobsters with a final score of Motor City 1 – Chicago 0. The game’s only run came from a solo home run by B. De La Cruz in the bottom of the 5th inning. Brandon Bielak delivered an exceptional performance for the Muscle, earning the win with a record of 2-3 and an ERA of 5.30. On the other side, Tony Gonsolin pitched a solid game for the Mobsters but took the loss, moving to a 3-3 record with a 3.71 ERA. This marked the second consecutive day the Mobsters were shut out, highlighting their current struggle at the plate. The Muscle’s defense and pitching were on point throughout the game, ensuring their lead stood firm until the last out.

Final Score: Motor City 1 – Chicago 0

Win: Brandon Bielak 2-3 (5.30)
Loss: Tony Gonsolin 3-3 (3.71)

Game #4: In a game that showcased strong pitching and explosive moments, the Motor City Muscle secured a commanding victory over the Chicago Mobsters with a final score of 6-2. The game began with a tense first inning as both teams’ pitchers, Michael Grove for Motor City and J.P. Sears for Chicago, managed to keep the score level at 0-0. However, the Muscle’s offense soon ignited with Matt Wallner’s solo home run in the bottom of the first, giving them an early lead.

The Mobsters responded in the second inning with a run scored by Yordan Alvarez, who doubled and then was driven home by Leody Taveras, tying the game at 1-1. The Muscle took control in the third inning with Jeimer Candelario’s two-run homer, followed by a pivotal fourth inning where Orlando Arcia’s three-run blast extended their lead to 6-2.

Despite the Mobsters’ efforts to close the gap, including a double by Taveras in the fourth, Motor City’s pitching held strong. Grove delivered a solid performance, earning the win with two runs allowed over eight innings, while Sears took the loss after giving up six runs before being pulled in the fourth. The Muscle’s bullpen maintained the lead, with Owen White closing out the game in the ninth, ensuring a Muscle victory without the need for a save.

Final Score: Motor City 6 – Chicago 2

Win: Michael Grove 2-5 (3.97)
Loss: J.P. Sears 6-6 (4.72)

Game #5: The Motor City Muscle secured a victory over the Chicago Mobsters with a final score of 6-4. The Muscle’s pitcher, Dylan Dodd, delivered a strong performance, leading to his win with a 4.41 ERA, while the Mobsters’ Hunter Brown took the loss, dropping to a 3.48 ERA. The game began with a tense first inning as both teams failed to score. However, the Muscle quickly gained momentum in the bottom of the first with a two-run homer by M. Wallner, followed by a solo shot by C. Rafaela in the second inning, pushing the score to 3-0.

The Mobsters attempted a comeback in the fourth with a solo home run by Y. Alvarez, but the Muscle responded fiercely in the seventh inning with L. Butler’s three-run homer, widening the gap to 6-1. Despite a late surge by the Mobsters, including a two-run homer by J. Rodriguez in the ninth, the Muscle’s defense held strong, ending the game with a pair of strikeouts by Dodd.

The Muscle’s B. De La Cruz had a notable performance with three hits, contributing significantly to the team’s offense. The game concluded with the Mobsters unable to close the gap, cementing the Muscle’s victory.

Final Score: Motor City 6 – Chicago 4

Win: Dylan Dodd 2-3 (4.41)
Loss: Hunter Brown 1-1 (3.48)

Game #6: The Chicago Mobsters edged out the Motor City Muscle with a final score of 5-4. The game began with a strong pitching display from both sides, with J. Adon for the Muscle and C. Bassitt for the Mobsters keeping the score tied at 0-0 in the first inning. However, the Muscle took an early lead in the bottom of the first, with K. Carpenter’s double driving in O. Arcia. The Muscle extended their lead to 3-0 in the second inning, capitalizing on a series of hits and an error.

The Mobsters began their comeback in the fifth inning when E. Sosa hit a two-run homer, narrowing the gap to 3-2. The Muscle responded in the sixth, pushing their lead to 4-2. The tension mounted in the eighth inning when the Mobsters tied the game at 4-4, thanks to A. Bregman’s RBI single.

The decisive moment came in the top of the ninth inning when Bregman’s hit was misjudged by the center fielder, allowing J. McCarthy to score the go-ahead run. Despite the Muscle’s efforts, Felix Bautista secured the win for the Mobsters, striking out two batters in the ninth. J.P. Chargois took the loss for the Muscle after giving up the critical run.

Final Score: Chicago 5 – Motor City 4

Win: Felix Bautista 3-1 (2.25)
Loss: J.P. Chargois 2-1 (2.35)

Game #7: In a thrilling 13-inning contest, the Chicago Mobsters emerged victorious over the Motor City Muscle with a final score of Chicago 6, Motor City 4. The game was a pitching duel through the first innings, with both teams’ defenses holding strong. The Mobsters took an early lead, but the Muscle fought back, tying the game at 4-4 in the 6th inning thanks to a home run by Bryan De La Cruz. The deadlock continued until the top of the 13th when the Mobsters’ Leody Taveras and Gabriel Arias delivered crucial hits, driving in the winning runs. JoJo Romero clinched the win for Chicago, while J.P. Chargois was tagged with the loss for Motor City. Camilo Doval secured the save, his second of the season.

Final Score: Chicago 6 – Motor City 4 (13 Innings)

Win: JoJo Romero 2-0 (0.90)
Loss: J.P. Chargois 2-2 (2.88)
Save: Camilo Doval #2

Summary: In a stunning turn of events that left fans and analysts alike in disbelief, the Motor City Muscle emerged victorious in a 4-3 series win against the Chicago Mobsters. Here’s how the series unfolded:

Against all odds, the Muscle showed tenacity and skill, overcoming the pre-series predictions and clinching the series in a nail-biting Game 7. This series will surely be remembered for its unpredictability and the sheer excitement it brought to the game of baseball.

Hollywood  Werewolves @ Dallas  Cougars

Summary: Bobby Miller pitches a CG shutout in game one then it was all Hollywood after that as the Werewolves take the series 5 games to 1.

Arboga  Rats @ Prairie  Falcons

Preview: Two teams in second place in their respective divisions – this should be a classic showdown…Falcons look at the tape and realize – as long as we beat them in the first 6 innings we should be good – if we give them the lead after 6 – we are history for sure…that bullpen is Scary DEEP! Two notes of interest – First the Prairie Falcons are the last undefeated team in Extra Innings – I am pretty sure we get an award for that or maybe an ESPY…a free strip search at the airport at least…secondly and a bit more interesting – we have been in this league for 2 years playing in just over 225 games and are pitching staff has yet to be called for a BALK…we are like in stealth mode on the hill – motionless calm and almost invisible…Even the newest team on the block has a Balk already….Sorry guys that is all I got!!! It dont get any better than that here on the Prairie…
Game #1: Thor on the hill for Arboga…Asscraft for the Birds and it is the Moniak who gets the party started with a 3 run bomb over the Monster in Left…Pearls Pederson looks dapper in the 4th as he trots around the bases for a red solo cup but that is thwarted by a red solo cup by Kiriloff and it is 4-1 Falcons….we then go on to score 3 more in the 6th so the vaunted Rat bullpen was averted… Rats scratch back with 3 of their own in the 8th to give Adbert his 16th save of the season but in reality he was just padding his stats this year while he can cause next year he cant save a lick…PRA 7 – ARB 4
Game #2: Pearls gets the rats going with a solo jack in the first and then the Rats race around the bases to plate another one in the second…Finally in the 6th inning Burger takes one to the Grill and cuts the lead in half but remember what I said – after the 6th vs this team you better be winning…Josh Low with a 2 run homer in the 8th followed by a 2 run Madrigal double int he 9th and the door was not only shut it was SLAMMED closed by Alvarado and Karinchak…ARB 6 – PRA 1
Game #3: Game was tied 3-3 as the Falcons got a lead off Homer by Benintendi and a 2 run shot by Conforto while the Rats nibbled the cheese and played small ball and took advantage of the Kraken falling asleep behind the plate giving up a run scoring Passed Ball…Then someone awoke the Kraken but it wasnt Gary Sanchez it was the Arbogo rats whose offense scored 5 runs over the last 3 innings against the Falcons bullpen while the Rats bullpen shut the door. ARB 8 – PRA 3
Game #4: Matthew Freaking Boyd – where are all the contenders at? This grade 4 is as good as it gets..3.95 ERA 8 wins 3 Complete Game Shutouts!!!! I cannot believe the phone is not off the hook…the value of this crafty lefty could be the key to your playoff dream team…Boyd scattered 3 hits and whiffed 7 batters as the offense was led by Conforto the Kraken each with a long ball and Javy Baez even got in on the action with 2 hits…PRA 7 – ARB – 0
Game #5: This was a classic Tennis match cause there was nothing but singles going on – each team had 9 of them and at the end of 9 innings each team had 5 runs…deadlocked at 5 we hit the extras and this will set the tone for the series and if the Falcons can keep that extra inning record unblemished…NOPE Phil Bickford cant compete in the 11th vs the Rats Pen and is not helped when Javy Baez throws one into the stands…Rats get 3 runs and close the door in the bottom half ARB 8 – PRA 5 – the last remaining undefeated extra inning team goes down…
Game #6: This was a one man Moniak show for the Falcons – a 2 run triple and a solo homer to drive in 3 of the 4 Falcon runs by the 5th inning…Rats get an RBI each from the 6-7-8-9 and finally the lead off hitter to plate 5 of their own after 5…UGH This came down to a Bullpen game and the Falcons were up for the challange..4 shutout innings estevez, Jansen, Perez, Bickforn and Kelly…nicely done…Problem – well the Rats Pen of Ferguson, Lange, Clase and Uribe matched the Falocons pitch for pitch – inning for inning and after an offensive first half of the game the bullpens quieted everything down..ARB 5 – PRA 4
Summary: Rats take the road series 4-2 and the Falcons fall down to 6th best team in the National league and fall even further behind the division leading Bethesda…silver lining – well we still have no Balks, Boyd’s trade value climbs to at least a 10th rd pick and we host cellar dweller Columbus next week with a healthy lineup and a lot of attitude!!! Rats scurry back home for a series with Valdosta! Till next week – So long from the Prairie!

Oh yeah no injuries to note – Soler was only guy to go down in G3 I think 5 games but with an off day and 3 games he wont miss much more time for Arboga

Detroit  Crime @ Southwest Detroit  Fighting Chihuahuas

Preview: DET @ SWD fpr 7 games.
Summary: SWD takes 4/7 at home vs DET.

Sacramento  Capitals @ Selkirk  Steelers

Preview: Two old rivals plays a seven game series. Selkirk doing much better than expected and has slim hopes of a wild card. Sacramento is int he middle of a rebuild season.
Game #1: Paul Quantrill outduels Glasnow throwing a 3 hitter and Ad Garcia plays hero in the 9th with a walk off homer. Selkrik 1 Sacremento 0 W-Quantrill (4-1) L- Glasnow(3-4)
Game #2: Sacremento puts on a power show as Yepez, Lindor(10th inning) and Dahl win 8-7 in 10 innings. Two homers by Sanchez for Selkirk did not factor.
Game #3: Lindor homers again and Sacremento wins 6-4.
Game #4: Selkirk ace Gibson throws a 3 hitter and improves to 10-2 as Sal Perez and Ahmed homer in the 3-0 Selkirk win.
Game #5: Betts has a monster game with 2 homers and Thias and Perez also homer. Selkirk 12 Sac 4
Game #6: Quantrill is great again beating glasnow allowing just 1 run in 7 innings Betts 3 run homer gave Selkirk the 5-1 win.
Game #7: Cease is on and kimbrell gets the save in the 2-0 Selkirk win.
Summary: Selkirk continues to do really well, as great hitting is making up for poor starting pitching grades. A 5-2 series win over rebuilding Sacramento.
Pitcher of the Week: Paul Quantrill 2-0 16 innings 1 run just 8 hits 3 walks and 13 strikeouts.
Batter Betts: 9 for 21 three homers 7 rbis
Injuries took a toll on both teams. Stewart will be on the dl for 3 weeks.(Keller called up after the series as Stewart goes on the DL)

Fremont  Cannons @ Coconut Creek  Crushers

Preview: Potential Playoff Matchup.
Game #1: FRE took a one run lead into the 9th and then added two insurance runs. Good thing they did as CCC hit two HRs in the bottom but both were solo. FRE wins 5-4
Game #2: FRE blows open a close game late and cruises to a 10-1 win.
Game #3: CCC took a 6-5 lead into the 9th only to give up 4 runs. As in Game-1, CCC then plates 2 runs in the bottom to come up a run short. FRE wins 9-8
Game #4: CCC pitching finally cools off the FRE hitters as CCC wins 3-1.
Game #5: CCC jumped out early and held on for a 5-3 win.
Game #6: Snell took a 2-0 lead into the 7th only to see it melt away. FRE scores in the 7th, 8th and 9th to pull away for a 5-2 win.
Summary: RE comes to town and wins the series 4-2.

Tempe  Tempers @ Baltimore  Comets

Preview: It’s a rematch of last season’s National League Championship series. Tempe may pay a return visit in 2024, as the Tempers enter the series with the MWBL’s best record, 48-16. Baltimore, however, is in rebuilding mode sitting in 4th place in the N.L. East, with a record of 30-35. The Comets have played well at home, 18-14, so they hope to give Tempe a competitive series.
Game #1: Xander Bogaerts’ 3-run, 1st inning homerun, is all Tempe needs in this one. Gerrit Cole pitches 3 innings of shutout ball, before being pulled with some shoulder stiffness. 3 relievers would combine to shutout the Comets the rest of the way. Freddie Freeman also goes deep for the Tempers. Cole would be out for the remainder of the series.

TEMPERS 7 / 12 / 0
COMETS 0 / 6 / 1
WP – Kittredge (1-1)
LP – Taillon (6-6)

Game #2: Tempe hits 2 Grand Slams, Ryan Noda and Ozzie Albies, Jose Ramirez collects 4 hits, and Sonny Gray and a pair of relievers shut out Baltimore, again, this time on 3 hits. Tempe wins in a laugher, 13-0.

TEMPERS 13 / 16 / 0
COMETS 0 / 3 / 0
WP – Gray (8-2)
LP – Mikolas (2-8)

Game #3: Hunter Renfroe has 3 hits, including a homerun, as Baltimore finally scores in the series. But it’s not enough, as the Tempe offense provides just enough support to propel Justin Verlander to his 10th win of the season.

TEMPERS 3 / 7 / 0
COMETS 2 / 7 / 0
WP – Verlander (10-3)
LP – Zerpa (3-2)
S – Munoz (17)

Game #4: Another Tempe offensive onslaught, as the Tempers would get 15 hits, including 2 Jose Ramirez homeruns, to defeat Baltimore 10-2. Brandon Woodruff tosses 5 2/3 innings for the win. Hunter Renfroe did get his second homerun of the series for the Comets.

TEMPERS 10 / 15 / 1
COMETS 2 / 6 / 1
WP – Woodruff (4-1)
LP – Hudson (9-3)

Game #5: Sonny Gray, pitching on short rest due to the Cole injury, baffles the Baltimore batters, tossing 6 1/3 innings, shutting out the Comets on 2 hits. Homeruns by Marcell Ozuna and Ozzie Albies provide the offense for the Tempers. Tempe does lose catcher J.T. Realmuto for 5 days.

TEMPERS 6 / 10 / 1
COMETS 0 / 2 / 2
WP – Gray (9-2)
LP – Woodford (1-2)

Game #6: The Comets finally turn the tables. Jameson Taillon and Evan Phillips combine on a 4-hit shutout of the Tempers. Harold Ramirez homers for Baltimore in the victory.

TEMPERS 0 / 4 / 0
COMETS 2 / 5 / 0
WP – Taillon (7-6)
LP – Verlander (10-4)
S – Phillips (17)

Summary: The series featured 4 shutouts, as Tempe dominated Baltimore, taking the series 5 games to 1.

Harsens Island  Walleye @ Valdosta  Snappers

Summary: Valdosta takes 5 of 6 to stay hot. Ronald Acuna, Jr. hit 2 (!!) walk-off HR’s in the series and he added a grand slam to his resume. The Walleye could not get any offense going the entire series, scoring just 13 runs. Snappers weren’t much better but got some huge clutch hits.

Yucaipa  Road Runners @ Columbus  Explorers

Preview: Yucaipa comes to town with their last place NL West team to face the last place NL Central team. Who will damage their lottery chances the most?
Game #1: Yucaipa Ace Bradish loses again, he’s now 1-6 with a 2.98 era as his team gives him little support in a 4-1 Columbus win. Cristian Pache gets the 2 rbis on a walk and single to lead the attack. Uriquidy is spot on for Columbus and Garcia gets his 1st save.
Game #2: 29 hits in this one, 15 for Yucaipa – but it wasn’t enough as Columbus wins 8-5. Kiki Hernandez goes 2 for 5 with 4 rbis and a homer (7). Tatis goes 3 for 4, run, 2 rbis and a SB to pace the 15 hit Road Runners offense. But Seth Lugo got tagged for 9 hits, 6 runs in 3.1 innings.
B. Abreu gets save # 11
Another Columbus injury as Solano gets beaned again and will miss 8 days.
Game #3: Donovan hits a 2 run homer (6) and Valdez follows (3) for a 3rd run in a 3 run 3rd for Columbus. It was almost offset on a 2 run Cooper PH homer (8) in the 7th, but Abreu comes on for the 9th to keep it 3-2 Columbus and get his 12th save. Gilbert the winner with 10 ks in 8 ip (and 6 hits). 3 Yucaipa errors didn’t help, but didn’t really hurt.
Game #4: Hope for the brooms got swept away when Yucaipa puts up 2 in the 4th, another in the 6th, and 2 more in the 7th. They strung out 8 hits, 2 walks and a HBP to stay just ahead of the Columbus runs. Arozarena and Lawler each have 2 hits and a rbis as the middle of the order gets it done and Velasquez keeps Columbus to only 3 runs! Castro pitches the 9th for his 7th save.
Game #5: Yucaipa gets on the board first in the 2nd when Reynolds singles home Turang. But Peterson digs in and fans 10 over 7.1 innings and gives up no more runs. Then on Duran’s 2nd AB for Columbus, Greinke beans him – out for 8 days – but his replacement gets 2 hits (doubles) including a 2 run double in the 5th to put Columbus up 2-1. That was good enough for Peterson, 2 late relievers and then Abreu (S 13) to seal the win!
Game #6: Yucaipa plates 4 in the 5th and that was enough to nail down their 2nd win this week. Bradish got some support and he lowers his ERA to 2.92 in getting his 2nd win. However was a bit of drama last, with the score 6-0 Road Runners, Columbus scores 2 in the 8th and then leaves the bases loaded in the inning as Brad Hand got the final out of the 8th. Almonte and Castro (S 8) finish it off in the 9th. Cron (3) gets 3 hits a homer and 2 rbis. Cooper and Lee also get 3 hits each!
Summary: Columbus does the most to hurt their lottery chances with 4 wins this week. But they were going for the sweep!

Virginia  Sluggers @ Cincinnati  Skyliners

Preview: Virginia makes the annual trek to Glenn Sample Field for a seven game set with Cincinnati.
Summary: The Sluggers takes four of seven in a very entertaining series.

Long Beach Dirt Bags @ Corktown Cycle

Preview: This isn’t the same Dirt Bags team from 2022 that won the NL pennant but they can still play spoiler.
Game #1: Cycle rookie Anthony Volpe had what may be his breakout game. 3/4 with 4 RBI and 2 walks
Corktown 12-2
W. Brayan Bello 5-4
L. Jake Irvin 3-8
Game #2: Long Beach takes an early 6-1 lead. Corktown chips away but cant get it done.

Long Beach 6-5
W. Chase Silseth 1-4
L. Luis Ortiz 0-1
S. Cody Bradford (1)

Game #3: Down 3-1 Corktown completes the comeback and gets the win in this one. Jonathan Bowlan goes the distance for Long Beach while taking the L.

Corktown 4-3
W. Bryce Jarvis 1-0
L. Jonathan Bowlan CG 2-9
S. Jay Jackson (2)

Game #4: After a day off in the middle of the series another Dirt Bag pitcher throws a complete game. This time it was rookie Ryan Feltner who twirls a gem. 9 shutout innings giving up 5 hits on 11 strikeouts! He outdueled fellow rookie Tanner Bibee who went 8 strong and gave up 1 run on 4 hits while striking out 9.

Long Beach 1-0
W. Ryan Feltner CG 2-8
L. Tanner Bibee 5-5

Game #5: After being shut out, the Cycle pitchers twirl a shutout of their own.

Corktown 7-0
W. Jose Berrios 8-4
L. Carson Spiers 0-3

Game #6: Corktown 5-1
W. Brayan Bello 6-4
L. Jake Irvin 3-9
S. Jake Diekman (4)
Summary: Corktown takes the final 2 games and takes the series 6-4. Feels like they got their wheels back on track. They stand 3 games over .500 and will be a huge player during the late season playoff race. Long Beach continues to take their bumps and will look for their 20th win against Sacramento next week.

Bethesda  Bandicoots @ Triple Creek  Patriots

Preview: Bandicoots row into Triple Creek for a long 7 game set with no day off.
Game #1: Coots score 3 quick runs in the 1st off Lorenzen and never look back. Kieboom (goes the Dynamite!) sets of a 3 run charge which end up being the game winner. All Bethesda as Cobb was rock soild.

BB 7 TCP 2

W: Cobb (5-5)
L: Lorenzen (5-3)

Game #2: Kremer and company allow just 8 base runners all day and keep the ledger clean. Nick-the-Stick and Vaughn each with 2 hits. Grichuk goes yard for the homies.

BB 0 TCP 5

W: Kremer (4-5)
L: Gonzales (1-1)

Game #3: Gausman picsk up where game 2 left off and serves doughnut for 6+ innings. The Patriot pen also locks down the final couple frames. Coots held scoreless the last 23 straight innings. Ryu and the Bethesda pen pitched well but no support today.

BB 0 TCP 2

W: Gausman (10-2)
L: Ryu (1-1)
S: Pruitt (2)

Game #4: Bam! Bethesda bats wake up!! Nick 4-5 w/ 4 RBI and Myers 3-run HR led the outburst. Williamson was tagged hard.

BB 10 TCP 3

W: Wacha (5-0)
L: Williamson (6-2)

Game #5: An itchy Jameson received the max grade bump to a 15 and needed it as Keller was nails. 2-1 Bethesda after 7 full. Bottom of the 8th, Rogers on in relief, is not pretty as he allows a walk and 2 doubles to blow the game.

BB 2 TCP 3

W: Jimenez (2-2)
L: Rogers (1-2)
S: Wilson (8)

Game #6: Detmers is wearing a neck brace after watching 6 hits (2 HRs) in 2.2 innings. 9-0 Triple Creek after 3 innings. Coots would plate 4 but should have had more with their 13 hits and 3 walks.

BB 4 TCP 9

W: Lorenzen (6-3)
L: Detmers (4-5)

Game #7: Patriots score 3 in the 1st and Coots respond with 4 in the top of the 3rd. Homies score 1 in the bottom of the 3rd to ties it up. Both teams were limping to the finish in the finale and the pens would decide it. Triple Creek scores 3 and Bethesda just 1.Duvall with a 3 run shot.

BB 5 TCP 7

W: Curry (2-0)
L: Bauman (2-1)
S: Wilson (9)

Summary: Patriots were very fortunate to take the series 5-2. The two game Coot power outage made a big difference.

Tijuana  Bottle Rockets @ Mesa  Solar Sox

Preview: Tijuana in the hunt in their division. Mesa bringing up the rear in their’s.
Summary: Mesa jumps up and surprises the Bottle Rockets by taking 4 of 6.

Gainesville  Swamp Things @ Southbend  Lynx

Preview: Gainesville comes to Southbend for a 6 game series
Game #1: GST J.France vs SBL F.Peralta

SBL open the scoring in the B1 when Soto 2bs, an Altuve groundout, and a Tucker rbi-1b

In the SBL B3 Altuve 2bs, moves to 3rd on a Jeffers passed ball, and then Bichette with an rbi-1b

GST on the board in the T4 with a Kepler solo-HR; SBL up 2-1

GST ties the game in the T6 when Torres 1bs, N.Jones on with a FC, steals 2nd, and Kepler with an rbi-1b

SBL wastes no time retaking the lead in the B6 when d’Arnaud bbs with 2 outs then scores on a Fairchild rbi-2b

SBL add a run in the B7 when Altuve 1bs with 2 outs and then Tucker with an rbi-3b

SBL d’Arnaud hits a 2-run HR in the B8 for some extra insurance run; SBL up 6-2

GST threatens in the T9 putting 2 runners on, but SBL Holton comes on to put out the fire for his 15th save

WP-F.Peralta SBL
LP-J.France GST
Sv-T.Holton SBL

Southbend 6, Gainesville 2

Game #2: GST Z.Gallen vs SBL T.Houck

GST McCormick starts the scoring with a lead-off solo-HR on the T1

SBL J.Soto answers in the B1 with his own lead-off solo-HR

GST takes the lead in the T3 when McCormick bbs, moves to 3rd on Torres 1b, and Lewis hits into a DP to score McCormick; GST up 2-1

In the SBL B4 Tucker bbs, steals 2nd, then scores on a Bichette rbi-1b to tie the game 2-2

GST Gallen settles in after the 4th and along with W.Peralta, Foley, Hicks, and Mantiply throw scoreless ball through the 12th inning

SBL Houck, Cosgrove, Yates, and Holton match them through the 12th.

In the SBL B13 Fraley bbs, steals 2nd, Straw 1bs, Muncy Ks, and then Escobar with the walk-off SF7

WP-T.Holton SBL
LP-J.Mantiply GST

Southbend 3, Gainesville 2

Game #3: GST Z.Eflin vs SBL J.Oviedo

SBL J.Soto hits his 2nd lead-off solo-HR in a row in the B1 for a 1-0 SBL lead.

In the GST T2 Suzuki answers with a solo-HR; Tied 1-1

The pitchers take over and there is no more scoring until the GST T8 when Kepler hits a solo-HR

GST Leiter tosses a scoreless B8 and Foley with a perfect B9 for the Swamp Things win

WP-Z.Eflin GST
LP-J.Weems SBL

Gainsville 2, Southbend 1

Game #4: GST K.Freeland vs SBL N.Pivetta

GST Kepler hits a solo-HR in the T2; GST up 1-0

SBL abswer right back in the B2 when Bichette 1bs and Raley hits a 2-run HR

SBL stretch the lead in the B5 on a Moore solo-HR, a Soto bb, and a Altuve 2-run HR; SBL up 5-1

SBL N.Pivetta was cruising along until the T7 when GST puts a thumping on him; Suzuki with a solo-HR, Robert 2bs, Kepler hits his 2nd HR of the game – a 2-run shot, which knocks out Pivetta. SBL Yates comes on and gives up a Torkelson solo-HR and the game is all tied at 5-5!

The game goes into extra innings and in the SBL B11 and Cave 1bs with 1 out off GST Stratton, steals 2nd, Schoop bbs, and then Soto with the game winning rbi-1b

WP-T.Holton SBL
LP-C.Stratton GST

Southbend 6, Gainesville 5

Game #5: GST J.Flaherty vs SBL J.Junk

In the SBL B1 Soto 1bs and Altuve hits a 2-run HR

GST explodes for 5 runs in the T2 when Suzuki 1bs, Robert 1bs and Suzuki moves to 3rd on Escobar’s throwing error, Steer SF8, Torkelson bbs, Allen with an rbi-1b, and then Torres with a 3-run HR!

SBL get bacl even on the B3 when Soto 1bs, Altuve 2bs, Tucker with a 2-rbi 1b, Bichette with a H&R 1b, and Fraley with an rbi-groundout; Game tied 5-5

In the SBL B5 Bichette bbs, Fraley bbs, Raley is then HBP, and Pinto comes through with a 3-run 3b; 8-5 SBL

SBL get an insurance run in the B7 when Bichette 1bs, Raley is HBP, which causes W.Peralta to be ejected, and Escobar with a 2-out rbi-1b

The Lynx bullpen takes over in the T5 and Peguero tosses 3 scoreless innings followed by 2 scoreless innings from Weems

WP-E.Peguero SBL
LP-J.Hicks GST

Southbend 9, Gainesville 5

Game #6: GST J.France vs SBL F.Peralta

SBL out in front in the B1 on Altuve and Muncy solo-HRs; SNL up 2-0

GST Robert hits a solo-HR in the T4; SBL now up 2-1

SBL extend their lead in the B5 when Moore 2bs, Altuve with an rbi-1b, a wild pith, then a Tucker bb, and a Muncy rbi-1b; SBL up 4-1

In the GST T7 Torres hits a solo-HR, Torkelson 2bs, Allen 1bs, and McCormick with an rbi-1b to pull within a run; SBL Cosgrove comes on and gets 3 outs to keep SBL up 4-3

SBL Altuve hits a solo-HR in the B7 to make it 5-3 Lynx

SBL Holton comes on in the T8 for the 4-out save.

WP-F.Peralta SBL
LP-J.France GST
SV-T.Holton SBL

Southbend 5, Gainesville 3

Summary: Southbend continues to play well and takes the series 5-1 over Gainesville

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