C) Emergency Waiver Claims (EWC)

1) EWC players are players that appear in Advanced Draft and are NOT owned by another MWBL franchise.
2) During the weekly update cycle, if a team finds itself, due to injury or they ran out of usage, to not have a backup for a given position, the team will be required to obtain a new player for the team either by trade or the EWC.
3) A team can choose a player of the same positional coverage needed when there is no more coverage left for a position on their team, due to a player being assigned to the DL or a player’s usage has run out, by using this form.
4) Teams are only allowed an EWC player under the following condition.

1. 930 positional players first.

a. If no 930 player is available, then the player with the highest PR/SF is to be used.

2. Grade 3 pitcher.

5) No Emergency Waiver Player or Pitcher can ever be sent to a farm roster and is a Free Agent once they are no longer needed or at the end of the season.
6) While there is no limit to the number, or how long an EWC player will be used on a single team, it is not to be used in lieu of drafting or trading coverage. Owners need to always consider the make-up of their team and not use the EWC as their ‘out’.

1. If the Commissioner’s Office feels a team is abusing the process the Commissioner’s Office can inflict penalties that could result in the loss of a pick(s) in the upcoming Annual Draft.

WEDNESDAY 07/24/2024
AT 11:59 PM - ET!