ALVAREZ,Yordan CHI  AL .467 1.200 7 30 14 1 0 7 8 13 5 2 0 0 0 0
MUSGROVE,Joe CCC  AL 2 2 0 0 0.00 18 0 0 7 16 5 0 0 0 0 0
LINDOR,Francisco SAC  NL .258 .774 7 31 8 1 0 5 6 14 4 1 0 0 0 0
SANCHEZ,Aaron VAL  NL 2 2 0 0 0.55 16 2 1 # 22 5 0 0 0 1 1

Bethesda  Bandicoots @ Long Beach  Dirt Bags

Summary: Bethesda takes 4 of 7 from Long Beach.

Columbus  Explorers @ Prairie  Falcons

Preview: These two Midwestern teams were ready yo showcase a couple of the National Leagues best offensive powers. Columbus 3B Giovanni Urshela could wear a Blue Jacket or even a Hells Kitchen Black Jacket as he has been serving up 5 star quality hits all season leading the NL in hitting. The Falcons one armed bandit Trevor Story is currently on a 9 gmae hitting streak and an 18 game on base streak…all this with a broken wing.Going to have to move him up in the lineup as the Columbus pitching gets torched early as they lead the league in runs given up int he first 3 innings…which only says their mopup men are incredible.;-)

Should be a great series…Columbus sits at 20-26 while the Falcons are 19-28…Explorers are without phenom Donvoan Solano who got a splinter removed a couple days ago from his left quad as he scooched on over to make some room for another player. From the sound of his piercing scream you would have thought he was starring in Halloween 10 with Jamie Lee Curtis ( My sister actually used to talk with her quite a lot when her daughter attended the college she works for ).

Game #1: Espino vs Kikcuhi – The big sushi roll is actually doing better than expected with 2 wins and a 4.47 ERA…Espino on the other hand is just Espino..nuff said…What the Hell is going on Little League on the Prairie? If you were a left handed hitting OF you were in great shape on the stat sheet. Explorers OF had 6 hits, 5 runs, 6 rbi’s 3 homers while the Falcons OF countered with 7 hits and homer of their own…Trevor Story had 2 more hits including a homer to extend the streak to 10 games but it was not enough to take down the 2024 Ford Explorers even with a recall or two being promised. COL 10 – PRA 2
Game #2: Rony “The Pony” Garcia vs Ryan “Salt N” Pepiot

Falcons start out hot when Trevor Story rips a 1st inning 2 run homer and extends streak to 12 games…and then they added to the early scoring woes in Columbus by scoring 4 more in the 3rd and the route was on. Nick Gordon hit 2 dingers, Austin Romine with one of his own and every Falcon in the lineup had at least 1 hit in this 14-4 ass whooping. SOme 14 year old prospect E. Hernandez pinch hit and hit a homer but that was the only highlight of the game for Columbus unless you count the called strike 3 batter not in the box called strike three when Charlie Brown – I mean Blackmon couldnt get his feet in the batters box in less than 1.2 seconds…He had a few choice words for home plate umpire Stevie Wonder ( 100% related to the real Stevie Wonder ) Charlie was then ejected, dejected and will have to be resurected tomorrow for Game 3. COL 4 – PRA 14

Game #3: Jordon Pile it on me Lyles vs Kluuuubs

Oh Baby…Falcons take advantage of the Explorers inability to stop the bleeding early and score 4 times int he first 2 innings and then a few innings later get back to back homers by Mancini and Grisham to take a 7-1 lead…then finally Giovanni Urshela the league leading hitter pinch hits and clears the bases with a 3 run double but that is where the comeback attempt was thwarted and the Falcons hold on to a 2nd win in a row and beat the pre season experts that said they would only win 20 games – well we are already at 21 wins and counting…Trevor Story was exhausted and was seen getting fluids via IV COL 5 – PRA 7

Game #4: Ex Falcon draftee Logan Gilbert vs the eldest of the Junis borthers – Jake…

This game was 1 inning long – that is it…8 other innings were played but a waste of precious times as both teams displayed their inability to generate any sort of offense. I dont know how you can call it offense as except that it was offensive. Dalton Varsho hit a 2 run jack and then Luis Garcia singled home a run in the bottom of the first…that was it..only other thing worht noting is that Trevor Story getting another day off came into pinch hit in a critical place and rightly singled..extending his hitting streak…Watch Out Pete – Trevor is on his way to 44. COL 2 – PRA 1

Game #5: Rony the Pony up on the bump again today vs Nate Dogg Eovaldi high riding his 5 game win streak

Dammit – jinxed it all – Rony had a no no heading into the 6th before Romine doubled but we only scored a run thanks to a HBP meanwhile Columbus bottom of the order had 4 hits including a 3B which gave Columbus a couple runs and then Blackmon took a pitch deep…all that offense were one sided as Trevor Story was hitless and Pete was seen relaxing in a Cincinnati sportsbook corner table watching the Reds intensely – not saying he was but it sure looked suspicious. Eovalidi ends is win streak, Story loses his hitting streak the only streak that is continuing is the Columbus win streak and the Falcons losing streak as both went to 2. COL 5 – PRA 1

Game #6: The Finale…Espino vs the sashimi platter…

Trey Mancini rips a grand slam in the bottom of the first and set the tone quickly for the home field fan base. He then drove in 2 more later in the game and Michael Taylor hit a 2 run homer and the losing streak is over for the Falcons. Eli White hit a solo jack for Columbus but that was really all they could muster on the Falcons Yusei can you see Kikuchi in what again looks like another blowout.

COL 2 – PRA 9

Summary: At the end of the week both teams left with a bitter taste in their mouth as they ended up kissing their sister in a series split. Dalton Varsho raked 3 homers in the series for the Explorers while Giovanni started out hot but dropped a bit down to .338 which may lose him the batting title…Falcons got a couple long balls from Mancini and he drove in 9 during the final 5 games of the series…Columbus moves to 23-29 while the Falcons hit the 22 win mark to go along with their 31 losses…

Fremont  Cannons @ Chicago  Mobsters

Preview: Two teams with playoff aspirations face off in a 7 game set in the Windy City as Fremont invades Chicago.
Game #1: This one is a blowout as the Mobsters knock the ball all around. Yodan Alvarez has 2 Home Runs, 4 RBI’s. Julio Rodriguez has a 3 Run Home Run. Kiebert Ruiz blasts a 3 Run bomb as well. New Mobster Starter Tony Gonsolin goes 5 Inning allowing 1 Earned. Chicago’s pen closed it out 2ith 4 solid Innings of Shutout ball.

Final Score: Chicago 11 – Fremont 1

Win: Tony Gonsolin 1-0 (1.80)
Loss: Austin Voth 3-3 (4.53)

Game #2: Carlos Rodon goes 7 Innings, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a Home Run & 2 RBIs as the Cannons get by Chicago.

Final Score: Fremont 3 Chicago 1

Win: Carlos Rodon 6-3 (2.85)
Loss: Noah Syndergaard 0-4 (4.40)
Save: Giovanny Gallegos #7

Game #3: Sandy Alcantara is pulled after 7 No-Hit Innings. Anthony Bender & Shelby Miller each throw one Hitless apiece Inning as the Cannons NO-HIT the Mobsters. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Javier Baez, & Teoscar Hernandez all have Home Runs for Fremont.

Final Score: Fremont 4 Chicago 0

Win: Sandy Alcantara 7-3 (2.54)
Loss: Marcus Stroman 4-3 (3.94)

Game #4: Teoscar Hernandez, Javier Baez, Kyle Higashioka, & Yoan Moncada all have Homr Runs for Fremont, but Chicago has big games from Yordan Alvarez, Keibert Ruiz & Riley Greene as they squeak by the Cannons by 2 Runs.

Final Score: Chicago 8 – Fremont 6

Win: Jesus Luzardo 5-2 (2.59)
Loss: Ryan Tepera 1-1 (3.77)
Save: Edwin Diaz #8

Game #5: BOOM! Goes Yordan Alvarez once again. 2 Home Runs, & 4 RBIs. Riley Greene gets in on the action with a Home Run & 4 RBIs as well. Julio Urias is solid over 6.1 Innings of work.

Final Score: Chicago 10 – Fremont 1

Win: Julio Urias 9-2 (1.82)
Loss: Tarik Skubil 2-4 (8.59)

Game #6: Austin Voth turns around his opening game in Chicago pitching a gem over 7 Innings before the Cannon’s bullpen locks it down for them. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has 3 Hits in 3 trips including a Home run.

Final Score: Fremont 2 – Chicago 1

Win: Austin Voth 4-3 (4.18)
Loss: Tony Gonsolin 1-1 (2.31)
Save: Giovanny Gallegos #8

Game #7: Austin Hayes has a Home Run for Fremont. Chicago gets 2 RBIs from the top of the lineup in Yandy Diaz & Luis Arraez. Noah Syndergaard gets his first win of the year.

Final Score: Chicago 7 – Fremont 2

Win: Noah Syndergaard 1-4 (3.90)
Loss: Carlos Rodon 6-4 (3.10)

Summary: Chicago blows out the Cannons in 2 of the 6 games.
Chicago scores a total of 2 Runs in 3 of their losses.
Chicago takes the series over the Cannons 4 games to 3.

Portland  Lumber Jax @ Harsens Island  Walleye

Preview: Portland visits Harsens Island.
Summary:: The Walleye take 5 of 6.

Triple Creek  Patriots @ Selkirk  Steelers

Summary: Selkirk manages to win 4 of the 6.  Selkirk takes 4 of the 6th over TCP. Profar has 9 RBIs.

Coconut Creek  Crushers @ Hollywood  Werewolves

Summary: Coconut Creek comes to Hollywood and takes 4 of 7.

Dallas  Cougars @ Mesa  Solar Sox

Preview: Dallas is struggling in the AL East while Mesa is trying to stay close to Hollywood in the AL West.
Game #1: Santana, Aguilar, and Rosario go back to back to back with homers in the 4th. Rowdy Tellez adds one in the 5th. John Means completes his first game started on the year by shutting out Dallas on 3 hits and winning 10-0.
Game #2: Kris Bubic and the Dallas bullpen returns the favor by shutting out Mesa 2-0. Ramon Laureano homers for the visitors. Ken Waldichuck makes his MWBL debut with a strong 9 innings, striking out 11 but taking the loss.
Game #3: Mesa brings out the whooping stick, blasting 4 homers (Oscar Gonzalez with 2 HR and 6 RBI) and winning 15-1. Eugenio Suarez hit a homer and drove in 4, as did Jose Trevino.
Game #4: Mesa hits 4 homers, again (3rd time in the series). Gonzalez again, Taylor Ward, Gunner Henderson, and Kolten Ward all go yard. Seth Brown hits 2 homers for Dallas and drives in 5, but Mesa wins 11-6.
Game #5: Seth Brown hits 2 MORE homers, but so does Ward and Mesa gets the 4-2 win.
Game #6: Daniel Lych pitches the best game of his career, a CG 4 hit shutout, striking out 11. Tim Anderson gos 4-5 with a homer. Mesa wins 5-0.
Summary: Mesa hits 15 homers to Dallas’s 5 in taking 5 of 6 from the Cougars, outscoring them 45-11.

Motor City  Muscle @ Tijuana  Bottle Rockets

Preview: Tijuana hosts Motor City for 6.
Summary: Tijuana disappoints the home fans as Motor City takes 4 of 6.

Corktown  Cycle @ Tempe  Tempers

Preview: Tempers takes 5 of 6 from the Cycle. The first three games were blowouts, but the last three were very close.
Game #1: Tempe 13-1
W – Strzelecki 2-1
L – Dunn 0-2
Game #2: Tempe 6-0
W – Perez 10-1
L – Berrios 6-3
S – Cueto 6th Save
Game #3: Tempe 9-3
W – Verlander 12-0
L – Ray 3-5
Game #4: Corktown 8-7 11 INN (six lead changes)
W – De Los Santos 2-0
L – Bass 1-2
S – Pagan 1st
Game #5: Tempe 4-2
W – Alexander 2-0
L – Gray 2-9
S – Bass 1st
Game #6: Tempe 3-2
W – Strzelecki 3-1
L – Dunn 0-3
Summary: Corktown visits Triple Creek next week while Tempe heads to Baltimore to face the first place Comets.

Valdosta  Snappers @ Yucaipa  Road Runners

Game #1: VAL 4-3
Game #2: VAL 9-2
Game #3: VAL 6-5
Game #4: YUC 4-1
Game #5: VAL 10-8 in 15 innings
After YUC ties the game in the B9 on a grand slam, VAL prevailed in 15
Game #6: VAL 7-5
Game #7: VAL 4-0
Summary: Valdosta wins series 6-1.

Southwest Detroit  Fighting Chihuahuas @ Coconut Creek  Crushers

Preview: CCC needs to win 2 or 3 to avoid shame.
Game #1: Stone Garrett hits a 2-run HR and Kaprielian throws 1-hit ball into the 7th. CCC wins 2-0.
Game #2: Musgrove throws a complete game shutout with 9 K’s. CCC wins 3-0.
Game #3: The CCC shutout streak ends at 23. Cabrera takes a no-hitter into the 6th before leaving due to wildness. Both bullpens get dinged up a bit and the game goes into extras tied at 4. Kyle Lewis hits a walk-off 3-run HR in the 13th to win it for CCC 7-4.
Game #4: Nico Hoerner goes 4 for 6 with 4 RBI. The last of which was a walkoff single in the 13th. CCC wins 6-5.
Game #5: Snell outduels Burnes by tossing a complete game 3-hit shutout with 2 K’s. CCC wins 1-0
Game #6: Gray is strong and the SWD bats give him some support as they win 6-4.
Game #7: Musgrove wraps up Pitcher of the Week with his second shutout of the series. This one was a 1-hitter.
CCC wins 3-0.
Summary: CCC pitchers throw 4 shutouts. CCC offense pulls off two 13th inning walkoffs. CCC came in with 7 total wins for the season and shock SWD by winning 6 in this series.

Sacramento  Capitals @ Baltimore  Comets

Preview: Battle between 1st place teams as N.L. West frontrunners the Sacramento Capitals, 27-18, visit the 30-16 Baltimore Comets, who are setting the pace in the N.L. East.
Game #1: Comets overcome an early 5-0 deficit to prevail in the opener 7-5. Christian Vazquez and Nick Castellanos homer for Baltimore.

CAPITALS 5 / 9 / 0
COMETS 7 / 12 / 0
WP – Robertson (2-2)
LP – Graveman (1-1)
S – Phillips (13)

Game #2: Sacramento jumps on Comet starter Sonny Gray for 5 runs and 6 hits, sending him to the showers early.
Jonathan India, Wilmer Flores, and Tyler Naquin all go deep for the Caps.
CAPITALS 8 / 10 / 0
COMETS 5 / 11 / 1
WP – Smeltzer (3-0)
LP – Gray (4-2)
S – Vesia (5)
Game #3: Three more Sacramento longballs: A.J. Pollock, Juan Yepez, and Jonathan Schoop this time, propel the Caps to a 6-2 victory.

CAPITALS 6 / 4 / 0
COMETS 2 / 5 / 0
WP – Machado (4-0)
LP – Anderson (4-4)

Game #4: Matt Olson, Josh Bell, and Henry Ramirez each have 3 hits, contributing to a 15 hit Baltimore attack, as the Comets even the series at 2 games apiece.

CAPITALS 6 / 10 / 0
COMETS 7 / 15 / 0
WP – Woodford (1-0)
LP – Lugo (0-3)

Game #5: Joey Wendle’s 3 hits, including a homerun, and 2 runs scored, lead Baltimore to a 5-4 win. Miles Mikolas runs his record to 6-1 on the season. Tomas Nido has 3 hits, including a homerun, for the Caps.

CAPITALS 4 / 10 / 0
COMETS 5 / 12 / 0
WP – Mikolas (6-1)
LP – Gonzales (6-3)
S – Woodford (1)

Game #6: Max Scherzer quiets the Comet bats, and Francisco Lindor hits 2 homeruns, and knocks in 3, as the Caps even up the series at 3-3.

CAPITALS 6 / 9 / 0
COMETS 1 / 4 / 1
WP – Scherzer (4-2)
LP – Quintana (5-2)

Game #7: All Sacramento in the finale behind Giancarlo Stanton and Francisco Lindor longballs. Devin Smeltzer wins his second game of the series, improving his record to 4-0.

CAPITALS 8 / 8 / 0
COMETS 2 / 6 / 1
WP – Smeltzer (4-0)
LP – Gray (4-3)

Summary: Entertaining back and forth series with the Capitals prevailing 4 games to 3. Doesn’t get any easier for the Comets, as they prepare to host another first-place team next week.

Detroit  Crime @ Southbend  Lynx

Preview: Detroit travels into Southbend for a 6 game series.
Game #1: Detroit’s Nola is in command as he gives up only 2 hits in 7IP while fanning 11 Lynx.

DET Wisdom has the big hit a 3-run HR in the T3.
SBL Plummer solo-HR in the B5 is Lynx lone run.

Detroit 4, Southbend 1

Game #2: Another strong start from a Detroit starter as Bassit goes 8IP giving up 0 runs on 6 hits with & Ks. Adam comes on in the 9th for the save.

DET Wisdom adds another HR, a 2-run shot in the T9, the only runs of the game, to spoil SBL Junk’s strong outing.

Detroit 2, Southbend 0

Game #3: Detroit makes in 3 in a row; Carrasco has 6 solid innings and leaves with the game tied, then turns it over to the bullpen of Loup, Hudson, and Diaz to close out the game

DET Witt rbi-1b and Hernandez rbi-2b in the T8 are the difference.

After 48 games, J.Soto finally hits his 1st HR of the season.

Detroit 5, Southbend 3

Game #4: An offensive explosion by both teams!

SBL get 14 runs on 20 hits and DET has 8 runs on 8 hits.

SBL Bichette goes 5-6 w/4 runs, 2-rbi, 2b & HR; K.Tucker goes 5-6 w/2 runs, 6-rbi, 2-2bs and a HR; PL Plummer chips in w/3-5, 2 runs, 4-rbi and 2-HRs

DET Maldonado goes 2-3 w/ 2 runs, 2-rbi and 2b; Machado hits HR

Southbend 14, Detroit 8

Game #5: Another hitters game.

DET out in front 4-0 after 2 1/2 with the big hits being a Schwarber 2-run HR in the T1 and a Wisdom 2-run HR in the T3.

But SBL put up 7 runs in the B3 starting with a Bichette solo-HR, followed by a K.Tucker 3-run HR, and capped off with a M.Perez 3-run HR.

SBL M.Perez would add another HR and Soto would hit his 2nd HR of the season to help SBL put the game away.

SBL T.Houck is a little shaky but manages to get the 5 out save as D.Martin picks up the win.

Southbend 11, Detroit 7

Game #6: Detroit’s Nola pitches another strong game as he goes 7IP giving up 3 hits and 0 runs while fanning 11 (Sound familiar). Castano tosses the last 2 scoreless innings for the combined 5 hit shutout.

In the DET T1 Schwarber hits a 2-run HR, Machado hits a 2-run HR, and C.Hernandez hits a solo-HR for a quick 5-0 lead. DET coasts home from there.

Detroit 7, Southbend 0

Summary: Detroit takes the series 4-2 over Southbend.

Detroit’s P.Wisdom and Southbend’s K.Tucker both have big series at the plate.
Detroit’s A.Nola is dominant on the mound for the Crime.

Cincinnati  Skyliners @ Yonge Street  Stalkers

Preview: The Stalkers host the Skyliners.
Game #1: Cole had a strong start for the home squad. Walker and Choi hit solo homers in the losing effort. YSS 3 – CIN 2
Game #2: A back and forth affair. Raleigh’s 2 run 2B in the 3rd was answered by single runs in the 4th and the 6th by YSS. A Ha Seong Kim 2 run 2B in the 6th gave YSS a 4-2 advantage. Connor Joe smacked a PH HR in the 8th. Choi plated the tying run with a 2B in the 9th. Cal Raleigh hit a solo shot in the 10th and the CIN pen made it stick.
CIN 5 – YSS 4 (10)
Game #3: Jose Urquidy moved to 5-2 and combined with 2 relievers on the shutout. Eric Haases 2 solo shots provided the offense.
CIN 2 – YSS 0
Game #4: Cortes was brilliant. YSS took a 2-0 lead to the 7th. Cortes 1st BB of the day was driven in by CIN 1st hit of the day to cut the lead to 2-1. A Morel RBI single tied the game at 2 in the 8th. Matt Vierling saved Cortes’ bacon with a 3 run HR in the bottom half.
YSS 5 – CIN 2.
Game #5: Taijuan Walker and Cole Irvin both went 7+ and pitched well. Joey Meneses 2 run HR turned out to be the difference. Cal Raleigh hit his 11th HR for the Skyliners.
YSS 3 – CIN 2
Game #6: 1 run in the finale. A sac fly by Jose Ramirez. That’s it. Very strong outings from Ober and Houser.
CIN 1 – YSS 0
Summary: Pretty good pitching in this series. CIN continues is tough roadie as it heads to CHI. YSS will enjoy the home cooking and welcome Mesa.

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