The Complete Rulebook of the MWBLA) Pitcher Wizard Rating Changes

1) NO adjustments are made to the position player’s card using the Wizard program.
2) Each season, after the official disk from APBA is received, all pitching grades are adjusted via the Wizard program, using the MLB league averages.

1. Prior to 2013, the League Averages were broken out whereby, the American League pitchers were adjusted to the MLB American League averages and MLB National League to the National League averages.
2. In 2013, the Houston Astros moved to the American League which forced inter-league play for every series. At that time, all pitchers were adjusted based on the MLB League Averages, not League (AL/NL) specific.

3) The reason MWBL adjusts the pitching rating is as follows:

1. The intent of the assigned APBA “official” pitching rating was to mimic the MLB team’s season for the year which it was created for.
2. In 1997, when MWBL was formed, it was formed as a draft league, not a replay league. Draft leagues have a lot of variables since most of the low-grade pitchers and players are not used.
3. When MWBL started in 1997, it was decided, since it was a draft league, to adjust all the pitcher grades according to the League Averages

B) Maximum Batters Faced (MBF) Changes

1) All pitchers receiving grades 1 or 2 on the data disk will be upgraded to grade 3.

1. All 3, 4 & 5 grade pitchers will have their injury rating and durability each set to 2 (unless already a 1).

2) Starting Pitchers

1. All pitchers’ usage is restricted by AIM to give pitchers a limitation of 110% of their actual usage (except as noted below).
2. Grade 3 starting pitchers with their MBFs less than 1080 will have them increased to 1080
3. Grade 6 or 7, have their Maximum Batters Faced (MBF) increased by 25%
4. Grade 4 or 5, have their MBF increased by 100%, with a maximum of 1080 allowed.

3) Relief Pitchers

1. Grade 3 relief pitchers with an MBF less than 300 will have them increased to 300.
2. Grade 6 has their Maximum Batters Faced (MBF) increased by 10%.
3. Grade 4 or 5, have their MBF increased by 100%, with a maximum of 300 allowed.

4) Split Grade Pitchers grade 7 or less for Starting Grade have their MBF increased by 10%.

1. Split-grade pitchers who have a rating higher than 5 will NOT have their injury rating and durability altered

C) Reliever Setup/Closer Changes

1) Each team can request an adjustment of up to two relievers in an effort to dictate to the Micromanager how they are used (i.e. Closer, setup).
2) Allowable adjustments are to the ACTUAL Save values. Most Micromanagers use the pitcher with the highest Actual Saves totals as the primary closer.
3) If you prefer to have someone else close for you, you can request that up to two relievers, and actual save totals be raised or lowered.

D) Pitchers Batting Card Changes

1) Pitchers with 25 PA or less will have their Batting Card adjusted to a Pitcher’s Average Batting Card.

E) Position Player Normalization Changes

1) All players who have an SF (Season Factor) rating below 100 will have that rating increased to 100, and their PR (Play Rating) rating decreased accordingly.
2) All 930 (Innocuous) position players will have their injury rating set to 1.

F) Position Player Restrictions

1) Player’s usage is controlled by AIM which will usually limit a player’s to at or near his real-life games total or Plate Appearance totals.
2) Players who receive a 930 PR (OBP + SLG% <.600) can exceed their actual limits, allowing players to play in approximately 151 games.
3) 930 Innocuous players can be used as often as AIM dictates.

G) Stealing Restrictions

1) Base stealers will be limited to their actual stolen base attempts plus 20%. This includes attempts made during hit & run plays and squeezes.
2) Stolen base attempt amounts will be checked periodically during the year by the Commissioner.
3) Once a player has reached his 120% of stolen base limits, his stolen base numbers will be adjusted to R-20 (Unless the original number is below 20, then it will be made to 5 below whatever the current value is.

H) Usage Checkpoints

1) It is the responsibility of each Owner to monitor their own players’ usage.
2) Failure to review usage/fatigue can cause fatigue problems and lead to injuries.
3) When a player has reached 0% Ruse, they must be moved to the FARM roster and replaced on the Active Roster.
4) If any problems should arise during the season please communicate concerns to the Commissioner’s Office.
5) Flagrant violation of player usage will result in penalties determined by the Commissioner’s Office.

I) Usage Free Agency

1) Upon conclusion of the Playoffs, and before cutting down previous to the Rule 5 Draft, all players who have not met the usage requirements will be released from their teams and placed into the Rule 5 Draft. Position Players with at least 75 PA during the MLB season who do not at least reach 50% of their MLB usage during the MWBL Regular are released.

a. Plate Appearances are always rounded up.
b. RUSE Verification Chart

2) Pitchers with at least 20 IP during the MLB season who do not at least reach 50% of their MLB batters faced during the MWBL Regular Season are released.

a. Batters Faced are always rounded up.
b. Maximum Batters Faced Usage Chart

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