The Complete Rulebook of the MWBLA) Injuries

1) With Advanced Injury Management (AIM) being used, injuries last for the duration of the injury.
2) An injured player counts against the 27-man Active Roster unless the player is placed on the DL.
3) Any player placed on the DL does not count against the Active Roster.
4) Players in an injured status cannot be removed from the ACTIVE roster.
5) If the manager wants a player put on the DL, he will inform the Commissioner of the player via the Disabled List Report Form on the League Web Site.
6) The Commissioner may edit the duration of the injury to add the number of days per Owner’s instructions.
7) Disabled List

1. If a player is on the DL, another player may be called up to replace him during the injury.
2. A player may be placed on the 60 Day Disabled List if his injury is LONG.
3. If a player is due to come off the DL mid-series, and the owner prefers the player remains inactive during said series, inform the Commissioner to extend the DL duration through the end of the series.

B) Pitchers

1) There are no restrictions on how long a starter is to remain in a game after facing a batter.
2) To start a game, a pitcher has to have had at least one start in MLB

1. An exception would be a road team if the scheduled starting pitcher is “physically disabled” and the auto mode of League Manager chooses a non-starter to start

3) Pitchers cannot be used as designated hitters (DH) or as pinch hitters unless all other players on the bench have been used in an extra-inning game, OR they were regularly used in the DH or PH role in MLB.
4) Pitchers can only be slotted into the 8th or 9th spot in the lineup that starts the game UNLESS they normally appeared in other lineup slots in MLB. Once the game has begun, a pitcher can be double switched to any batting position in the lineup
5) Pitchers can be used as pinch runners.
6) Pitchers are allowed to play only the positions listed on their “cards”. So unless they have Player Position (OF, 1B, etc) on their card, no double switching by placing a pitcher in the OF for righty-lefty matchups

1. The ONLY exception is when the last available position player is injured during the game or series.).

7) Once a pitcher’s RUse has reached 0% and -6 BF, he is effectively gone for the Remainder of the Regular Season. Pitchers who reach this status are required to be moved to the farm during the next Franchise File Update session.
8) There is no restriction on days of rest when going from a starter to a reliever and vice versa except those imposed by fatigue status cause by AIM.
9) Starting Pitchers cannot start more than 110% of the starts obtained in MLB for the given season.

(a) No pitcher should exceed 39 starts during the regular season (unless their MLB Starts were greater than 39, then that actual total would be their allowed total of starts).
(b) Penalty: If a manager starts a pitcher in more games than allowed – penalties carry into the postseason):

(i) First offense: 1-week suspension
(ii) Second offense: 2-week suspension
(iii) Third offense: Pitcher’s arm is dead for the rest of the season

C) Position Players

1) Players are only allowed to play the positions listed on their “cards”.

1. The ONLY exception is when the last available player at a position is injured during the game or series.
2. When using a player in a position not rated on his card, the substitute should be a reasonable choice.
3. If a team cannot cover a position for the first game of a subsequent series due to an injury, the team will be required to either trade or make an EWC for coverage.

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