For Immediate Release
October 14, 2004


The Tempers, the bane of most MWBL Franchises existence, stopped the Los Angeles Riots in their tracks, crushing their hopes of reaching the World Series.  Instead, the Tempers make yet another trip to the Series in search of their next bloodied victim. It might have something to do with the 50,000 rubber chickens that were sold during the first two games in Los Angeles.

The key to the series for Tempe may have been no hitting Mr. Triple Crown.  Pujos was 0-14 with 7 BB.  And 4 of the walks were intentional.

The IBBs seemed to get to Pujols’ concentration. Rumors abound that Los Angeles might be willing to trade him

The Tempers win the series 4-1, but in reality, the games were pretty close (at least that’s what Los Angeles Riots Manager George Skiles keeps telling himself).

GAME 1:  Game 1 saw the match-up we’ve all been waiting for: Schmidt vs.. Pedro.  Pedro won – and pitched 6 scoreless and HITLESS innings in the process.  That said, the the only highlight for the Riots was ruining the no-hitter and shutout in the bottom of the 9th.  Pretty sad.  Tempers win 5-2, taking the series 1-0.

GAME 2:  Game 2 was the first of several pitching duals.  Both teams started with a bang in the 1st, scoring 2 runs apiece.  But neither team would do anything until the 9th – well, the Tempers got a few hits in between, but the Riots didn’t even get that.  Tempe scored the go-ahead run in the top of the 9th, and left the Riots hitters wondering whether they should start sacrificing chickens!  Tempers win 3-2, taking the series 2-0.

GAME 3:  Game 3 saw Schmidt making his return from a not-so-inspiring Game 1.  He was uninspiring again.  He gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, and that was all the Tempers needed.  Livian Hernandez gave up 2 runs in 4-plus innings, and then handed the game to his pen who pitched 4-plus shutout innings to win the game 3-2.  Tempers take the series 3-0.  Schmidt, who lost only 2 games all season, doubled his total in a matter of 3 days.

GAME 4:  Game 4 saw the Riots explode.  Pedro returned from a superb Game 1 performance to give up 3 runs in 5+ innings, while Moyer returned to pitch 6 innings while giving up only 1 run.  The game turned to the pens very early, as each game has during the series.  This time, the Riots saw Millwood pitch 3 shutout innings to close the game with a save, and the Tempers saw Weathers and Perez give up 6 runs in the same three innings.  The Riots win 9-1, taking the series 3-1.  Thus far, Game 4 saw the only real offense of the series, which was highlighted by Boone’s grand slam and 6 RBI.

GAME 5:  Game 5 was the worst of times, really.  With the season on the line, the Riots are 1-hit by Tempe’s W. Alvarez.  Not much else to report.  The Tempers only needed on run, and they pulled 3 out of the hat just for good measure.  Tempers take the game 3-0, and the series 4-1.

Team Highlights:

  • The only statistic where LA tops the Tempers is in fielding percentage, 1.000 to .984 – it’s sad that I even have to mention this!
  • ERA’s for LA and Tempe were 3.14 and 2.80, respectively.
  • R/G for LA and Tempe were 3.0 each (thanks to LA’s 9-1 Game 4 win!), but team Averages were .147 and .228, respectively.

Hats off to the Tempers.  They played a great series.  They will represent the National League well in the World Series – they’ve done so so many times before!

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