This section will be used to pass along information on how the files work and the daily changing of Commissioner & Franchise Files.  Or just about anything else that can come up throughout the course of the season.


(All Deadlines are for 8:00 AM Eastern Time)

Tuesday — Weekly Commish Game Results file Sent to ALL Managers, set your defaults. 
## = The number of the file for the week.

Friday — Franchise  Default  (Your Team Lineups & Rotation).  Files Due From ALL  Managers 
XXX = The Teams Initials.
## = The number of the file for the week.

Friday — Weekly Commish Game File Sent to ALL  Managers.  PLAY BALL!!!!
## = The number of the file for the week.

Tuesday — Weekly Games played File due from HOME Managers (F-XXXG##.ALP)
XXX = The Teams Initials.
## = The number of the file for the week.

This schedule will continue throughout the season. 
Note:  You will have from Friday Mid-Morning to Tuesday 8:00 AM ET each week to play your team’s home games. 



1 – Save the Commissioner File on your Computer.
2 – Go into League Manager Program.
3 – Click on League Play.
4 – Click Load Commissioner File
     Choose the newest c-file, (C-MWBG##.ALP)
      ## = The number of the file for the week.

     See a message that says it was successful.

REMINDER # 1:  ALWAYS load the Commissioner Game file BEFORE you play your home games.  Any series found to have been played on the wrong Commissioner File level will be invalid and will have to be replayed.
After the home teams have played ALL their games they should create an F-File and submit it to 

REMINDER # 2:  NEVER EVER-EVER create a Franchise File with the same name as one you’ve used before.  If you do this you will likely destroy the results of an entire series of league games.

To create your F-File:
1 – Go into League Manager Program.
2 – Click on League Play.
3 – Click Create Franchise File
     Check all three boxes to include Rosters, Lineups, and Rotations. Select BOTH of your franchise’s teams (active and farm)
     Name your file,  (F-XXXD##.ALP)
     XXX = The Teams Initials.
     ## = The number of the file for the week.

Click OK.
     See the message saying you were successful.
4 – Attach the f-file & submit it to 


(1) Rained-out games are rained out for the series in which they occur.  No manager does anything to fix that makeup game at that time. 
(2) Rained-out games will be rescheduled by the Commissioner’s Office for the visiting team’s next visit to the home park in which the rainout occurred, or it will be added as either another game on a day of rest or a 2nd game of a doubleheader. 
(3) If no visits to the home park remain that season, the games will be made up on an off day for both teams at a later date during the season.  All games will be made up.
(4) If the teams don’t have any off days left during the season and if there is a chance they would affect the pennant race, please notify the Commissioner’s Office at once.  These games will be made up on the day(s) immediately following the completion of the season.  If this happens and it affects the pennant race the playoffs will be scheduled starting on the 2nd day after the completion of the regular season (two days off ).


The ONLY roster moves you should make are between your primary roster and your farm team.
Unless you make a trade between Tuesday Noon and Friday 8:00 AM. Then make changes and send in a New Default.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO MOVE Draft Picks as well as players to and from your team, when making a trade. Check your team rosters, and Micro-Manager, and notify me of any errors ASAP. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

(1) Team Rosters will become 40 men effective on or about February 20th of each season.  Playing rosters must be cut before the first Game File is sent out by all teams to the following:
(2) Active Roster size will be 27 carded players during the season.  The balance of the players will be on your farm team.
(3) Roster sizes will increase to 40 carded players on Sept. 1st of each year in League Manager. 
(4) No Un-Carded, Non-Carded Players, or Draft Picks are allowed on your active playing roster at any point during the season. NEVER EVER.


(1) Trades must be reported by BOTH managers by the deadline each week.  If I don’t get the E-Mail for ANY reason, the trade will not be effective for the weekend’s games and will become official when the Commissioner’s Office finally receives confirmation from both managers.
(2) Deadline for trades is Thursday at 10:00 PM.  (MUST SEND NEW DEFAULT BY FRIDAY 8:00 AM)
(3) No trades effective after September 1 in League Manager. No Exceptions.
(4) Trades for draft picks can only be traded for the upcoming season.  No Exceptions, and please see the League Guide for Details on when a Draft Pick can be traded.
(5) Any misuse of the rules will be dealt with harshly by the loss of draft picks or franchises.


(1) Use the Micro-Manager listed for the team on the MWBL Web Site located at:
(2) Do not use other Micro-Manager available because you don’t have the manager loaded.  Download the correct one before you play Home Games.
(3) Micro-Manager selections listed by name for each team are posted on this site.  MWBL Managers must maintain these managers on their computers for league play.  When a game is started in League Manager, you should make sure the correct manager is selected for your opponent and then that Auto Manager is selected.

One final note.  Please do NOT remove the name of your Micro-Manager on the Select Manager, Rotation, and Lineups screen in League Manager.  Also, do NOT remove the Auto-Manager selection as checked.  If these are removed, League Manager will default to the top manager in the listing for your team and you may end up with a manager you do not like.  So leave the Micro-Manager selection alone.  You can change to Manual when each game loads immediately prior to a game.


There is an Emergency Waiver Claim plan in the MWBL if a franchise can’t make limits for this season.  The Emergency Waiver Claim plan is not designed to help anyone, and in fact, will penalize those who haven’t prepared.  The plan will include the use of emergency players and pitchers to cover injuries during the year.  Sometimes these can be devastating to a team, and the Emergency Waiver Claim plan should prevent any problems.

Is your team prepared?  Your team should have at least 6500 MBFs for pitchers on your 38-man roster, and if you have at least 1250 PR for each position you are in decent shape. If you have decided to try to squeak by with less, you may be lucky or you may not!  The Emergency Waiver Claim plan will help everyone but will be easiest on those who have prepared.

For All Managers:  If you do not have active two carded players at each position for each series, you may request the use of an emergency player from those unaffiliated players remaining on the disk.  These emergency pitchers will be any grade 3 pitcher or any 930 PR player at any position for your use during the emergency only.  As soon as your player returns from injury, you will return the emergency player to the pool and regain the use of your player.  Essentially your player goes on the DL for the duration of the injury.  You can NOT keep the player that you select, they will be returned to the pool upon return of your player.

All teams will be automatically allowed three such emergency players during the year.  You can’t use this emergency option unless an injury occurs.  The physical addition of the player to your roster will be done by the Commissioner upon your request, and the Commissioner will return the player to the pool at the conclusion of the injury.

Those teams that have saved enough MBF and enough PR for each position will be allowed additional use of emergency players as needed, though I don’t expect any will be.  Those teams that have not will be assessed a draft choice for the selection of more than 3 emergency players during the season., with the 8th pick being taken first.  The manager will lose that player after the duration of the injury.

Have fun!  Please call the Commissioner’s Office if you have any questions.

WEDNESDAY 07/31/2024
AT 11:59 PM - ET!