How is the MWBL going to handle the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby? This is an idea that came from a league (BUNT), that I check out from time to time, and think has a great web site. Dave Snyderman one of the members came up with the idea a few years ago and which has been refined somewhat as they went along. The MWBL refined the idea a little more, but will adopt this concept for the 2003 MWBL Christmas Classic Home Run Derby.
It is very simple really. What the MWBL Commissioner will do is take a pair of percentile dice. These are 2 dice, each with 10 sides, and ideally, both with different colors, one red one white. If you ever played any role playing games you probably have seen these dice. They are readily available at hobby shops and game stores that cater to the role play crowd. When rolled, these dice will produce a number between 01 and 00 thus the name percentile dice.
To determine each hitter’s chance of hitting a home run, we assign them a % chance. This is equal to ½ their total Home Runs in the previous MWBL season, plus 10%. The rest of the contest consists of rolling the dice and recording whether it was a homer or an out until 10 outs are recorded. So, for example, Bonds in 2002 who had 68 HR’s at the end of the season would homer on a roll of 01-44. We also allowed 00 to be a homerun so everyone got an extra 1% chance of hitting one.
Each Home Run hit will follow with a roll of two percentile dice, and one six sided dice. This will help us create the total distance for each Home Run hit. The six sided dice on all rolls of a (6) six will result in a re-roll, with a (5,6) result will be a (500 foot+), any other roll on the re-roll will result in (400 foot+). On all rolls of a (5,4) five or four the result will be in the number being a (400 foot+), on all rolls of a (3,2,1) three, two, one will result in the number being a (300 foot+) The two percentile dice will follow, with the white dice being the foot distance in (10) tens, and the red dice being the distance in (1) single feet. Thus a roll of a six sided dice of (TWO), white Percentile (FIVE), and red percentile (SEVEN), would result in the batter hitting a (357) three hundred fifty seven foot home run.  We then follow the actual rules of the Home Run Derby.

The top six Home Run Candidates in each league will represent the twelve man field in the Christmas Classic Home Run Derby.

The top four finishers in round (1) one will move to the Semi Round.

The top two finishers in the Semi Round will move to the Finals.

Winner will be the Player who hits the most Home Runs in the Final Round.

WEDNESDAY 07/31/2024
AT 11:59 PM - ET!