One of the things that make the MWBL unique is the drafting of prospects and since this is Midland’s 10th anniversary it seems like an appropriate time to review the highlights and lowlights.

Here are a few quick facts:

• From 1998 to 2007 Midland drafted 48 prospects
• 26 of the 48 prospects made it to the show within
their three (3) year contract.
• Of those 26, 19 are still playing MLB.
• Of those 19, 7 are still with the Mud Hens.


Jimmy Rollins the Highlight of Midland's 1998 MWBL DraftImagine the tension at Draft Central in Harper Woods, Michigan, as the new franchise is about to make it’s first pick. The whole future of the Mud Hens could depend on that fateful choice. As the clock was about to strike, the Midland GM steps up to the podium and speaks, “ Midland chooses (cough, cough) Michael Coleman, OF, Boston Red Sox.”

No doubt the highlight of this first draft was the selection of Jimmy Rollins in the 10th round.


Of the three prospects taken in this year’s draft, 2 went on to have some success in the big leagues as relief pitchers and are still pitching when they’re not injured. Namely Octavio Dotel and Guillermo Mota.


Midland goes into the draft with 6 spots open, but unfortunately all the promise led to little success due to injuries and lack of talent. Whatever happened to Hee Seop Choi?


Another lackluster year of picks. Again we had 6 spots available. Only 1 of the 6 made it up, Justin Miller. Draft highlighted by the selection of A Tip from a Cuban Cigar Smuggler, lead to this Famous Pick.  "Anyone got a boat?" on a tip from a Cuban cigar smuggler.


Only 3 prospects chosen this year, but highlighted by the selection of Eric Bedard in the 7th round.


This year marked the first year of the draft college player strategy. The anticipation of future league domination ran rampant through the organization when we were able to draft all 3 of our highlighted college pitchers, Tim Stauffer, Brad Sullivan and Kyle Sleeth. Whatever happened to that?

It wasn’t all bad news however, as we managed to pick Johnny Peralta in the 5th round.


Probably one of the better prospect drafts in team history. We managed to draft Jeremy Sowers(5th), Matt Cain(6th), and Huston Street(7th). On the downside we drafted Donnie Bridges for the second time.

2005What could be Midland's best Franchises Selection ever.

Walked into draft central already on the clock for the 6th pick in the 1st round because I got lost getting to Draft Central in Port Huron, Michigan. Of course all my targeted picks had already been taken so I hastily chose the 17 yr old Justin Upton. But a early August call up to the Major Leagues in 2007 saved the loss of what could be the Franchises best Un-Carded Draft Selection ever.
Also had 2 more solid selections in Ian Kinsler and Ryan Zimmerman. No doubt we will regret trading those guys in the future.


Had 7 picks in this year’s draft and continued on with the strong college player trend. Of the 5 college players none have made it up as yet, however both of the non-college selections have made it, Miguel Montero and Eric Patterson. Max Scherzer looks like the best prospect of the rest, but he held out for a year delaying his start in the minors. If he stays healthy he has a shot to be called up next year.


Too early to say on this class, but it doesn’t look like there are any superstars. Next year should tell the story. Aaron Cunningham has had a good year in A and AA and is probably closest to making it.

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