For Immediate Release
October 28th, 2001

LOUISVILLE KY – The Kentucky Headhunters acquired the most feared slugger in baseball – Barry Bonds.  Selected 2nd by Hollywood in the MWBL Re-Modification Draft on October 28, 2001, Bonds was immediately dealt to Kentucky.  “After being bounced from the first round of the MWBL playoffs last month, I felt the team needed something extra.  Most teams would improve their weaknesses, we decided to improve our strength,” said Brian Scantland, KY manager.  In 2001, Kentucky scored 1259 runs with a 915 OPS.   The trade specifics are Barry Bonds, James Baldwin, and Hollywood’s 10th pick for Andruw Jones, John Lieber, Bobby Kielty, and Fremont’s 4th pick.  “We hate to move Andruw and Liebs.  Two years ago, we gave up a Rookie of the Year [Carlos Beltran] for Andruw, and a first round pick for Liebs.  Each has been a team leader, contributing to our two division titles in two tries, each has been a critical part of our success,” said Scantland.  Both have been with Kentucky since the Headhunter’s joined the MWBL prior to the 2000 season.  The trade received mixed reviews from Kentucky players.  Jason Giambi, 2001 MVP and Triple Crown Winner, said, “Barry is proven.  Barry is a stud.  I look forward to taking the field with him, and look forward to his assault on Coors Field.”   Brian Giles added, “The guy can rake, who wouldn’t love to add Bonds to their lineup?  Of course this is a positive move for our team.”     Eric Davis took a more pragmatic view, “Jones played his heart out for them.  He is a young guy, where is the loyalty from Kentucky?  What does this say to the team, if you play your heart out you are replaceable?  Liebs pitched through pain and injury.  This team has no loyalty, this is just wrong!” Eric Davis was given his unconditional release moments later as the Headhunters trimmed their roster to 40 players.  He had been with the club since its entry into the MWBL.
Kentucky isn’t commenting on batting order implications, but common sense indicates Torii Hunter will move from the bench to centerfield.  Before boarding a plane to Fiji for holiday, Hunter said, “I can’t be Andruw.  I can only be me, can only play my game.  But taking the field between Giles and Bonds is a dream for me.  I got to catch my plane…”
In his MWBL career, Barry Bonds has 186 homers and 586 RBI.  With Bonds, Giambi and Giles, Kentucky will boast 3 of the top 10 career OPS players in MWBL history.   Bond’s was not available for comment, as he was testifying in a temporary injunction trial brought by a fan claiming ownership over a Bonds’ homerun baseball.   An alleged assault is claimed due to a scuffle over a Bonds’ homer.
“Quibbling over a used baseball used to be a pretty unimportant issue,” said David Carter, a California-based sports consultant who has served as an expert witness in sports business cases. “Now, since some balls like this one are worth six figures and possibly more, it’s tantamount to a custody battle where you will have bitter parents fighting over their cherished possession.”
When asked about extra security measures to protect homer-catching fans in Kentucky’s Coors Field next season, Scantland responded, “No additional security measures will be added.  We expect most of Bonds’ homers to leave the stadium.”

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