The Complete Rulebook of the MWBLA) In-Season Trading

1) Begins: The Commissioner announces trading is open after the Supplemental Draft and all teams have cut to 38 Carded Players.
2) Ends: The last series in August (per League Schedule in League Manager) – The Commissioner will announce the date each season.
3) Draft Picks for the upcoming Annual Draft can be traded as dictated below

a. After the Supplemental Draft, and all teams have cut to 38 Carded Players until the All-Star Break, only Draft Rounds 3-12 are eligible to be traded
b. After All-Star Break until August 31st, Draft Rounds 1-12 are eligible to be traded.

4) All rosters must stay at the 38-man Carded and 12-man Un-Carded Player limit.
5) Trades are effective after the series in which they are completed.
6) Both managers must notify the Commissioner of the trade.

1. If the commissioner does not receive notification from both parties, the trade will not be processed.

7) The weekly trade deadline is 11:00 pm ET Thursday.

1. A confirmation has to be acknowledged and approved by the Commissioner before the trade is processed.

a. If the trade is completed before the weekly update file, the Commissioner will move the players.
b. If during the default cycle, each team involved is required to send in an updated Franchise file dropping their released players and/or picks as well as adding their new ones.
c. Owners will have to adjust their rosters, rotations, and lineups to incorporate the new players. The Commissioner will place all players involved in trades on the ACTIVE rosters at the time of the trade.
d. If a last-minute trade is approved on Thursdays, owners will be required to submit a new Franchise File with all players & picks changes made.

(1) See “b” & “c” above

B) Off-Season Trading

1) Begins: The Commissioner announces trading is open after the Preview Disk has been distributed and all teams have cut to the appropriate end of season roster limit.
2) Pauses: During the Rule 5 Draft
3) Ends: Once the Annual Draft has concluded.
4) During the Off-Season trade period, there is no numerical Carded roster restriction with the exception of the end of the Rule 5 Draft roster limits for Tiers 2 & 3 (see Article VII Section C Number 4 Area 5).

1. Owners are allowed to have a roster of Carded players that exceed 38.
2. The maximum Un-Carded Players that you may have at any given time remains twelve (12).

5) Draft picks may only be traded for the IMMEDIATE upcoming Annual Draft.

1. Trading of future draft picks beyond that is prohibited.

C) Post Draft Day Trading, prior to roster cuts

1) Once the Annual Draft completes before roster cuts are due there will be a short period allowed for trading
2) Trades can only include players (no draft picks).
3) All trades must have the confirmation of all owners involved submitted by 8:00 AM ET Tuesday, following the draft.

DUE WEDNESDAY 02/28/2024
AT 8:00 AM - ET!