For Immediate Release
December 30, 2004

     Hollywood, CA. – Hollywood is ringing that “Bell-Horn” and Virginia, Severn and Coconut Creek will be crying a “Hudson” River as the Werewolves made a significant splash in the trade market. Mark Bellhorn and Tim Hudson were traded from the Kentucky Head Hunters to Hollywood, a blockbuster deal Wednesday that further bolstered the Hollywood revamped rotation. The deal happened only minutes after Hollywood made another significant trade that landed them JT Snow and the #4 overall pick.
Los Angeles, Tijuana, Chicago and the Buffalo were rumored to be pursuing Hudson, but the Werewolves swooped in and got the Kentucky ace and Bellhorn (plus 2 minor leaguers) for first baseman Derrek Lee, pitcher Jose Contreras and the #4 overall pick.
With the Head Hunters facing a rebuilding year, owner Brian Scantland finally broke and began trading off his aging veterans’. Earlier this month, Scantland traded Barry Bonds and Derek Jeter to perennial contender Chicago.
Tim Hudson Moves to Hollywood!It was Hollywood’s second big pitcher landing in a month. Last month, right before Thanksgiving, the Werewolves acquired Matt Clement from Garden City.
“This winter, we have set our sights on improving our team with dominant pitching,” Hollywood owner Steve Cutler said. “That’s what we think we have done, and we are excited about the pitching staff we have put together for the season.”
Cutler said the flurry of activity “helps us create one of the stronger pitching staffs we’ve had in Hollywood franchise history.” He first began talks with Scantland earlier this week, once the Werewolves landed Tino Martinez. Then after months of ‘wining and dining’ Mohawk Valley owner, Lee Welch, for JT Snow, Cutler was able to finally pried Snow from Mohawk. “Once we acquired Snow, I knew that we were top heavy at first (base). I figured I’d approach Brian again and see what we could do,” Cutler said.Bellhorn Heads West
The trade was finalized around dinner time, said Cutler, who was feeding his 2 year old daughter and helping his wife with the making of dinner in the midst of all the trade discussions. Until Wednesday it was rumored that Scantland was still talking to three teams about Hudson. The Head Hunters wanted to make sure they acquired some solid vets — Lee and Contreras — who could help the younger guys along.
“Conteras pitched well in Hollywood last season and will need to learn to adjust his pitching to Coors. I have every confidence that he will,” Scantland said. “He has a sterling track record up to this point, and he’s a guy we’ve always liked.”
“I’m excited,” said Hudson. “My hope was to pitch a long time in Kentucky. I was drafted by the Head Hunters in their inaugural 2000 season and after being traded for (Jason) Giambi, they were able to re-acquire me. Hollywood was my #1 choice of 5 teams I approved for trades. I’m elated I ended up going to a place where I’ll be happy.”
Scantland said he “needed to do something bold,” but it still wasn’t an easy decision. “This was the second most difficult phone call I’ve ever had with a player about a trade (Bonds and Jeter being #1),” Scantland said. “I spent a lot of time on the phone with him. It was very difficult. We’re going to miss him, there’s no question.” 

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