For Immediate Release
May 25, 2003

ESPN NEWS (Bristol)
Hollywood, CA – – It cost them a lot of young talent, but Hollywood took one step closer to improving a club that won a ridiculously low 53 games last year. The Werewolves, trying to claw their way up the division ranks, were seeking to add 1 bonified starter and possibly a reliever. Well, they did better than that; they added TWO Quality Starters PLUS a Quality Reliever. On Friday, Hollywood and Mohawk Valley agreed on a trade that saw the Werewolves send youngsters, Dennis Tankersley, Jason Marquis, Fransisco (KROD) Rodriguez, Victor Martinez, Trey Hodges and their 5th & 6th round picks to Mohawk for Hideo Nomo, Al Leiter, Jose Jimenez, Eric Junge, Brandon Knight and their 9th & 10the round picks.

The move pits Nomo and Leiter at the top of the rotation that included youngsters Carlos Hernandez and Michael Tejeda. Whew. I was hoping we did something, I just didn’t see how we could keep on winning with a team ERA of over 5.00,” said Hernandez. “Our offense is awesome, but we need to be able to get guys out,” stated 5th Starter Aaron Sele. “I mean, I am not having a great year and my ERA is over 5.00, but guys like Shawny and Andrew are carrying us.

When asking Nomo, if he was happy to be in Hollywood, he responded, “Me, like trade to Hallywood. Like to be pitching for winner.” Al Leiter added, “Yeah, when we (Nomo and I) heard about the trade possibly being him only, I went to Lee (Owner Lee Welch) and told him if Nomo goes, I go.” Welch was happy to accommodate and sent Leiter in the deal. The Rangers play in Wrigley Field, so moving to Minute Maid Park should not be too much of a stretch for the pitchers; they just need to keep the ball down.

Hollywood Owner Steve Cutler was ecstatic to trade for such quality players. “I had some initial discussions with Fremont and Coconut, but I was looking for more of an impact pitcher,” he said. “I felt that I had to get the best possible trade out there. I also approached Fire Lake, New River and Camarillo, but none of them were looking to deal any of their pitchers. Sergio (Detroit’s Owner) kept on trying to push this Mark Prior guy on me but he wanted a 10th round pick and I wouldn’t part with it (as it was too much). Douglass (Tempe’s Owner) told me that I would have to rename my daughter to Sarah if I was to do any trading with him. Well, I like my life, and didn’t want to have to run that by the wife, so I looked for other options.”

Hollywood has revamped their team drastically this year. It all began with the Shawn Green trade and came full circle with this most recent trade. Some may think that Hollywood traded away their future; however we tend to disagree with that. They still the likes of Travis Hafner, Bobby Kielty, Angel Berroa, Bobby Hill, Jason Lane, Jose Contreras, Mark Teixiera and Kaz Matsui (amongst others) in their organization. Cutler is no dummy (hold the laughs), he knew what he was doing.

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