For Immediate Release
December 25th, 2002

  HOLLYWOOD, CA – You can always tell a Jew on Christmas because he is looking for the best deals. With the “Festival of Lights” long passed, Hollywood owner, Steve Cutler, and nothing to celebrate on December 25th, so what did he do? He started shopping! In his first business of the day, he made an early morning trade that sent disgruntled and overweight starting pitcher Livan Hernandez to New River for 1B/3B Tyler Houston and RP Steve Reed.
“I’m happy to get out of Hollywood,” said Hernandez. “It was hell this past year. I mean all that good food made me gain weight. I don’t expect New River to have very good restaurants, so I should be able to stick with Jenny Craig. PLUS, I get to pitch with the best (Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling).”
“I’m happy to get a bonafide reliever in Reed and the versatile Houston“ said Cutler. “I saw Reed in Los Angeles last year at Chavez Ravine and he seemed like a great guy. Houston will most likely platoon at 3B this year. In a division of predominantly right handed pitchers, having the lefty bat is key. We just moved a step closer tour goal.
As the day wound down, Hollywood struck in its second deal of the day. They sent 2 more unhappy players, Guillermo Mota and Felix Heredia, to “freezing cold” Buffalo for Buffalo’s 5th pick and Severn’s 5th round pick. “We felt that we could get two quality players with those picks,” said Cutler. Plus Mota and Heredia both ticked me off with contract negotiations, so I figured what better to do than send them to the cold weather, lol.”
Even though Hanukkah was well over, Hollywood received its 8th night gift on Christmas Day. It happened at 8:35pm PST. Knowing that Medford is in a re-building year (something Hollywood went through last year), Cutler approached Owner Ed Lilly about Shawn Green. “I have high regards for Shawn. And not because he is one of the “tribe”<chuckling>, Cutler said. “We needed another “Big Bat” in the lineup this year. Andrew cannot do it alone. Next year we’ll hopefully have Mark Teixiera manning 3rd base, so that will give us a formidable middle of the lineup.”
Well, when all was said and done, Hollywood sent Jay Gibbons, Mike Cuddyer, Ramon Santiago, Josh Phelps and Carl Pavano to Medford for Shawn Green, Omar Daal and Tom Prince. Hollywood sent a lot of youth to Medford, however they still have a lot more to build from.
“I am so happy with the move to Hollywood,” said Green. “I have great respect for (new owner) Ed Lilly, however I don’t want to go through the rebuilding process. Yes, I know this is the same team that dealt Bonds, Griffey, Clemens and Nen a year ago, but they are in a different place now. I feel that this team is probably 1 more year away. Tijuana has a tough team and to over take them, we will need another arm or two. Steve (Cutler) told me that he plans on giving Teixiera the 3B job in 2004. Also, I get to play for a “tribesman”, haha.”
An un-named source said that just hours earlier Green invoked his No-Trade Clause that would have sent him to Tempe for several prospects.  “I tried to get a hold of the Tempe owner on Christmas Day to talk about my requirements, but I couldn’t get a hold of him,” said Green.  “Apparently, he doesn’t work on December 25th.  That is why when Hollywood came a knocking, I jumped at it.  I’m not that big on surfing in the sand, something they do in Tempe, from what I understand.  Plus, Steve (Cutler) agreed to give me off the “High Holidays”.”
All-in-all, a great holiday for Hollywood. With the addition of Daal, they could have a rotation that could include Ortiz, Lidle, Daal, Halama and Carlos Hernandez. Before the trades, we would have expected Hollywood to win about 70 games. Now I think we are closer to the .500 mark. With the draft approaching in 2 months, Hollywood will probably not make any further moves. They’ll take care of business the old fashion way, drafting

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