For Immediate Release
April 29, 2001

CHICAGO (AP) – The day after 3 perennial contenders went out and made deals, the Chicago Mobsters acquired a veteran bat for the season.   Tuesday saw the Head Hunters, Express, and the Mobsters all take a step forward in hopes of October champagne.  All three of the teams brought in at least a starting pitcher, something you would more often than not see at the end of July.   But the day after each team took a step up on the mound, the Mobsters dug in at home plate.  Chicago General Manager looked for one more bat, even after the acquisition of 1B/DH Fred McGriff on Tuesday, who was part of a 4-player trade with Detroit.  Not only did the Mobsters get a bat, they got a powerful one at that.   The Mobsters acquired Tijuana Traffic outfielder David Justice who publicly stated he wanted out of Mexico when the franchise changed hands about one month ago.   “I didn’t want to have to play there, and drink the water.  I would have never made it through another home series.   After last home series, I was sicker than a dog”

The deal was a big one for both teams, as Chicago received a couple of draft choices to go along with Justice, and Tijuana picked up a young outfielder in Juan Encarnacion, and a great young pitching phenom in Bud Smith.   “On one hand, it’s good that we’ve been able to develop players that are attractive to other clubs,” Corrado said “Bud has upside and it’s going to be a good opportunity for him and a very, very difficult deal for us. He has a chance to be a 15-20-win guy every year. He’s going to go on and have a nice career. ”

When we told the guys in the clubhouse, the guys were pretty excited about bring Justice in.   We knew that we were getting a great player with playoff experience.  “He will be a real horse for us.” Corrado stated.   Justice brings some quality veteran leadership to a clubhouse that has lacked what it takes to get to the next level.”  For year, Chicago has been right there each and every time the playoffs start, but always a bridesmaid never a bride, has been the saying around the windy city.  With Justice’s veteran leadership, and great demeanor, the city of Chicago may not only play for something meaningful late in October, the may taste the champagne, and Wednesday will be the day it all came together.

Chicago Receives: David Justice, Kentucky 2002 RD#1,and Tijuana’s 2002 RD#3
Tijuana Receives: Juan Encarnacion,& Bud Smith

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