For Immediate Release
October 25, 2007

  Louisville, Kentucky – The Kentucky Head Hunters have never played a single game without Brian Giles on the active roster. In their 8 years in the MWBL, have posted 830 wins against only 466 defeats, have gone to the playoffs in 7 of 8 seasons, and won a World Series. Brian Giles was there for all of it, and in a big way.

On February 10th, 2000, Kentucky acquired Brian Giles from Canton for Roger Cedeno, Chin-Feng Chen and draft picks of Bud Smith and Todd Van Poppel. Since that time, Brian Giles has put up many team and league records. Giles is found on numerous top 10 lists of career offensive records. He leads the Head Hunter franchise in many of those same categories. None of it matters to Giles.

“The only thing that matters to me, is the World Series victory and bring the trophy back to Kentucky,” says Giles. He doesn’t mention the WS MVP he earned in that same series.

On October 25, 2007, Brian Giles was traded for Kentucky native Paul Byrd. Brian Giles can still play, but not at his previous levels. And not enough to start for Kentucky. Brian Giles response to the trade, “I’d like to thank Kentucky for giving me a shot at more at bats with Buffalo. I have had a great run with Kentucky, and I wish them nothing but success.”

Derrek Lowe, the only other Head Hunter to be with the team since its first day in the league, would only say “No comment” upon hearing of the trade. “I understand it, Its right, but I don’t have to like it.”

Kentucky’s ownership would only say “We want to support Brian Giles, and this is the best way to do that. He wants to play. He can play, and he should play. Giles is always welcome here. He is an MWBL HOFer, at least in our eyes. We hope he wears a Head Hunter hat in the Hall, should that deserved day arrive.”

In order to assure, at least in part, that that vision becomes a reality — the Kentucky front office announced on October 26th that Brian Giles would be the subject of their soon to be released Hall of Fame Exhibit. When told, Brian Giles commented “Wow, that’s special.”

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