PROPOSAL #1 – REDRAFTS – *This proposal Failed by a 10 – 18 vote.

Minor leaguer that becomes a redraft is eligible to be redrafted by the team losing him at the cost of a first round pick equal to or higher than the first round pick they are slotted at based on previous season standings.

Reason for the Proposal: To not penalize a team that drafts a young player that might not make it to the majors (carded) within 3 years. This will deepen the draft because more teams will be willing to draft younger players that might have been passed over due to questions of their ability to become carded within 3 years. This will thus increase the number of attractive players available in the draft.

Proposed by – Brian Mazurek – Elyria Indians.

PROPOSAL #2 – EXTRA WILD CARD TEAM – *This proposal Failed by a 15 – 13 vote.

Add one extra wildcard spot in each conference. The two non-division winnings teams in each conference with the best records would square off in a best of five series in the first round. All division winners would receive a bye in the first round. The team with the best record (of the two) would be home in games 1, 2 and 5. The winner of the wildcard series would play the team with the best overall record (unless said team was in the same division, then the wild card series winner would play the division winner with the second best record). [NOTE: If any player would be deemed as ITCHY as the results of the extra series, he would be set back to READY before the start of the next playoff series.

Reason for the Proposal: To create more competition. There are far too many teams giving up before the season even starts. We need less teams packing it up early, selling off their players and going into continual rebuilding mode.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest.

PROPOSAL #3 – LOTTERY – *This proposal Passed by a 17 – 11 vote.

Proposal: The two worst teams in each conference will be placed into a four team lottery for the first four picks in the first round. Rounds two through the end will be seeded according to current rules, so only round one would be impacted. A random method would be used to determine the order.
Random method: We will utilize the website random.org to generate a random number. The team with the worst record would have numbers 1-40, the second team would have 41-70, the third team would have 71-90 and the team with the fourth worst record would have number 91-100. A random number between 1 and 100 would be generated to determine the first, second, third and fourth pick. Random numbers would be continued to be selected until all four teams have been seeded 1st through 4th. If the first number select is 32, then team 1 would get the first pick and anytime a number between 1 and 40 would come up again, we would simply generate a new number to determine who gets the 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks.

Reason for the Proposal: We don’t want to rewards teams for losing games.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest.

WEDNESDAY 07/24/2024
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