PROPOSAL #1 – EXTRA WILD – *This proposal Failed
To add an extra WILD CARD team to each League. This would be the team with the second best record that is not a division winner. The Extra Wild Card team would play the Wild Card in a one game elimination to move forward in the playoffs, with the Wild Card Team with the better record having Home Field Advantage for the “Wild Card Game”.

Reason for the Proposal:  What this would accomplish is three fold. 1st, there could be more races and chances for teams to make the playoffs. More teams would be “In” the Wild Card hunt, therefore keeping the league owners more interested. 2nd, it would give teams more opportunity to still have a chance, which could help promote more trading partners. 3rd, it would give the League winner a larger advantage in the Division Series, because the Wild Card Game winner would have probably thrown his #1 starter to try and win that game. The Extra Wild Card Team might not have thrown his #1, since he might have to use his #1 starter to actually win that spot during the regular season.

Proposed by – John “Stray” Corrado – Chicago Mobsters

PROPOSAL #2 – DRAFT LOTTERY – *This proposal Failed

1st Lowest Records 40 Lottery Balls
2nd Lowest Records 35 Lottery Balls
3rd Lowest Records 30 Lottery Balls
4th Lowest Records 25 Lottery Balls
5th Lowest Records 20 Lottery Balls
6th Lowest Records 15 Lottery Balls
7th Lowest Records 10 Lottery Balls
8th Lowest Records 5 Lottery Balls

Reason for the Proposal: This would prevent teams from tanking games at the end of the season knowing where they would fall in the standings. The Draft would be lottery adjusted for the 1st two rounds of the draft. Beyond that it would go based on opposite order of finish. The Lottery would be conducted by the Commissioner as well as one of his minions. The proposed number of lottery balls would be as follows:

Proposed by – Chris Douglas – Tempe Temper 2008 / Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves – (2007)

PROPOSAL #3 – WAIVER DRAFT – WAVES – *This proposal Passed
Any players waived in the first round of the Waiver Draft do not become available for re-drafting until Round 2. Any players waived in Round 2 are immediately available.

Reason for the Proposal:  Having the worst record is supposed to give you the advantage in the Waiver Draft. By allowing a team below the worse team to immediately re-draft a waived player, it gives the teams in the middle to the end of the draft the advantage. I realize that most the players waived will not amount to much, but since usage is at a premium, the team with the poorer record should still always have the advantage of choosing a player.

NOTE: I know I joked about it last night, but Brian Scantland and I were chatting on the side and when Rob Mackowiak was waived, I told him I would have taken him if I had the option cause he provides great usage. He agreed that it would make sense for a proposal like that. That’s why I thought about this proposal.
I then joked with Stray about quitting because of that and he informed me that an owner actually quit because of a waiver draft problem. Now that I found truly hilarious. To quit over Lenny Harris? I’m sure Lenny would even laugh over that!

Proposed by – Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves

PROPOSAL #4 – LIVE PLAYOFF GAMES – *This proposal Failed
Starting with the 2009 MWBL Playoffs I propose that we make all playoff games be played LIVE head to head using Logmein.com. Or some other means of Live head to head play. Each Playoff Series would have one week from start to finish accomplishing this task. Both managers would be responsible for getting together with schedules to coordinate these events.

Reason for the Proposal:  What is more fun than LIVE playoffs head 2to head vs. your opponent. Micromanagers are decent, but no one can or should run your team during such a crucial time of the year. It would give each manager a chance to run his team the way he see fit. Logmein.com makes playing the games so easy, and it’s a free program. Playing by phone or some other option is always available as well.

Proposed by – John “Stray” Corrado – Chicago Mobsters

PROPOSAL #5 – EXPAND TO 28 – *This proposal Passed
Expand the MWBL from 24 to 28 teams and create 4 divisions of 7 (or four divisions of 5 and two division of 4). If approved, we will vote on several expansion draft plans and the top two plans (after the initial vote) will then be voted on to determine which plan we go with.

Reason for the Proposal: This is a great league for people that love the minor league system, however we are still a borderline all-star league. We need more diversity and increase the value of average players.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #6 – LESS THAN 5 SAVES – *This proposal Failed
Pitchers with less than 5 saves cannot have their save totals increased to start the season.

Reason for the Proposal: The ability to close games in MLB makes no difference in MWBL. A great middle relief pitcher or mop-up guy, can look like Mariano Rivera in the MWBL (because of the current rule to increase 2 players save totals). The current rule to adjust to reliever save totals was meant to account for two or more pitchers with high save totals – not to create the next “Goose” Gossage out of a guy with 35 IP and a 1.65 ERA (who picked up most of those innings when it didn’t count).

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

The MWBL should reduce the number of plate appearances that the minimum usage rules (for position players) from 400 PA to 350 PA.

Reason for the Proposal: A player with 350 PA should see at least 175 PA during the MWBL. I would like to play against less 930 players and see some of these average players stowed away on certain teams start to see action.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #8 – TRADING OF (UN-CARDS) – *This proposal Failed
To allow for the trading of Un-Carded players/prospects without having to use/clear a spot. If this proposal is adopted, teams would be able to trade (for) Un-Carded who made their big-league debuts in that current MLB season (and thus would have cards the following year). Receiving a player such as this would not take up one of the 12 Un-Carded spots, enabling a team to carry an extra Un-Carded in this situation. Conversely, if a team has had an Un-Carded player make his big-league debut, he should be able to trade for an additional Un-Carded player without it going over the 12-player maximum.

Reason for the Proposal: Some trading flexibility. Teams that are rebuilding are always looking for young players/Minor Leaguers. Players who will receive a card for the following season obviously have value for both a rebuilding team and for a contending team (as a trading chip). By not having a “big-league debuting” player count against the Un-Carded number, it would allow both sides more trading options, especially late in the season.

Proposed by – Jonathan Mayo – Iron City Yinzers

For pitchers with more than 20 at bats, they get their actually batting card. For any pitcher below 20 at bats, they get the average batting card of major league pitchers.

Reason for the Proposal: This is a very elegant, simple, and effective solution that allows Micah Owings, Carlos Zambrano, and now CC to get full credit but doesn’t allow Joel Paralta or Roger Clemens to parlay a 1 at bat season into being a clean-up hitter. Over 20 at bats, you are who you are. Under 20 at bats, you are an average pitcher at the plate. No worries about DH, or AL to NL trades.

Proposed by – Brian Scantland – Kentucky Head Hunters

PROPOSAL #10 – OFF AND RUNNING – *This proposal Passed
Players with Steal Success of 30 or above should be allowed to steal up to 125% of stolen-base totals, up from 115% that is the current rule across the board.

Reason for the Proposal: Helps teams struggling to score runs; if they have a speedster who can run a little bit more without hitting the limit, that can help the competitive balance a bit. Also helps offset the whims of MLB managers, who may not allow a guy to run as much as he might on another team.

Proposed by – Jonathan Mayo – Iron City Yinzers

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