Trading of draft picks should not be allowed between the end of the regular free-agent draft and the waiver draft. Draft picks can be traded after the waiver draft.

Reason for the Proposal: The purpose of the waiver draft is to let lesser teams have the first right to players that do not fit on a team’s 38 man roster. Most of the quality players (that would be cut otherwise) are traded prior to the waiver draft, thus defeating the major purpose of the waiver draft.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #2 – PLAYOFF USAGE – *This proposal Passed

In addition to the Post Season usage rules outlined in Article X of the League Guide, in order to make their teams post-season roster, a player must have appeared in at least 5 regular season games for that team.

Reason for the proposal: Teams will often trade for high-grade relievers just for the playoffs, however said reliever could actually have all of his MBF used up by the time he joins the team. The most common occurrence of this, would be for a high grade reliever, whose MBF is all used up and whose future value looks bleak by the current day MLB results, so he is scooped up cheaply by a playoff team (who just plans to use him for the playoffs, but will actually never play a game of their regular season).

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #3 – NATIONAL LEAGUE DH – *This proposal Failed

The National League will use a DH just like the American League.

Reason for the proposal: Currently the AL pitchers can really skew things for the NL teams. With both sides of the extreme, pitchers who did not get a hit are almost an automatic out with no threat at all to the other team. While AL pitchers who did get a hit or a walk during inter-league play become the biggest threat in the lineup. Please AL owners help us get this passed, its for the integrity of the game!

Proposed by – Jeff James – Northridge Quakes

PROPOSAL #4 – ROSTERS EXPAND FROM 38 to 40 – *This proposal Failed

Expand active rosters form 38 TO 40

Reason for the proposal: This would allow teams more flexibility and just about eliminate any need for Emergency Waiver Claims.

Proposed by – Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves

PROPOSAL #5 – 1’s and 2’s to 1000 MBF – *This proposal Failed

1 & 2 grade pitchers, before the bump to 3 grade, are given MBFs of 1000

Reason for the proposal: These are non- impact players that could provide MBF coverage in a pinch.

Proposed by – Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves

PROPOSAL #6 – EXPAND TO 28 – *This proposal Failed

Expand the MWBL from 24 to 28 teams and create 4 divisions of 7 (or four divisions of 5 and two division of 4). If approved, we will vote on several expansion draft plans and the top two plans (after the initial vote) will then be voted on to determine which plan we go with.

Reason for the proposal: This is a great league for people that love the minor league system, however we are still a borderline all-star league. We need more diversity and increase the value of average players.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest


The 16 non-playoff teams would participate in a draft lottery immediately following the playoffs. The team with the worst record would receive 16 “balls”, the second worst team would receive 15 “balls”, all the way down to the team with the best record among non-playoff teams – who would receive 1 “ball”. The lottery would commence by pulling for the first 3 positions only, so the team with the worst record could not receive a place in the draft lower than 4th (if that team’s “ball” was not selected in the first three picks).

Reason for the proposal: The MWBL team has no incentive for non-playoff teams to win and it has become more evident that some teams with poor records are not putting their best team on the field (to better their draft position one must assume). I also see this as an event that could be held via a chat room – an opportunity for the league to get together and see what “luck” might come their wayis is a great league for people that love the minor league system, however we are still a borderline all-star league. We need more diversity and increase the value of average players.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest


For a 5 or 6 MWBL member committee to look into and develop a Contract type structure for the MWBL, that would be voted upon next year at Proposal time. This committee would develop a structure that includes contracts with years (Not Salaries), that would help create a more true Free Agent System, create parity for the league, and continue to develop MWBL into a more realistic baseball simulation.

Reason for the Proposal:  This will help the parity in the league and with player movement this would make it easier for teams to rebuild quicker and help eliminate the number of teams with 100+ losses, or 100+ wins.

Proposed by – John “Stray” Corrado – Chicago Mobsters

PROPOSAL #9 – EXTRA WILD – *This proposal Failed

To add an extra WILD CARD team to each League. This would be the team with the second best record that is not a division winner. The Extra Wild Card team would play the Wild Card in a one game elimination to move forward in the playoffs, with the Wild Card Team with the better record having Home Field Advantage for the “Wild Card Game”.

Reason for the Proposal:  What this would accomplish is three fold. 1st, there could be more races and chances for teams to make the playoffs. More teams would be “In” the Wild Card hunt, therefore keeping the league owners more interested. 2nd, it would give teams more opportunity to still have a chance, which could help promote more trading partners. 3rd, it would give the League winner a larger advantage in the Division Series, because the Wild Card Game winner would have probably thrown his #1 starter to try and win that game. The Extra Wild Card Team might not have thrown his #1, since he might have to use his #1 starter to actually win that spot during the regular season.

Proposed by – John “Stray” Corrado – Chicago Mobsters

PROPOSAL #10 – LESS THAN 10 SAVES – *This proposal Failed
Pitchers with less than 10 saves can not have their save totals increased to start the season.

Reason for the Proposal:  The ability to close games in MLB makes no difference in MWBL. A great middle relief pitcher or mop-up guy, can look like Mariano Rivera in the MWBL (because of the current rule to increase 2 players save totals). The current rule to adjust to reliever save totals was meant to account for two or more pitchers with high save totals – not to create the next “Goose” Gossage out of a guy with 35 IP and a 1.65 ERA (who picked up most of those innings when it didn’t count).

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #11 – NON-CARDED DRAFTING – *This proposal Passed

Any Non-Carded Player (As outlined in section IV of the League Guide) left un-owned in MWBL for a full season automatically turns into an Un-Carded Player and is subjected to the Un-Carded Player rules.

Reason for the Proposal:  A player out of baseball who returns will not be allowed to be drafted directly as a Non-Carded Player. The Non-Carded Player designation was created to allow an owner to protect one of their current players, injured or in the minors all year, using one of their carded roster spots.

Proposed by – Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves

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