For Immediate Release
December 24, 2006

HAWAII — The wind blew in this year in Hawaii during the 4th annual Mid-West Baseball League Christmas Classic.   The totals were down, the distances were down, But the crowd loved it.  Including Shawn Shadow a fan who caught back to back 482 foot Home Runs off the bat of Chicago Mobsters Andruw Jones.   But the night belonged to Manny Ramirez.   Ramirez was representing the National League and the Tempe Tempers.  Ramirez first round was the biggest of the night.  “I mashed 8 dingers in round one, and drove the ball pretty solid, but I was just glad to get out of the first round” Ramirez said in a post Derby press conference.  Ramirez won the contest with a total of 17 Long Balls, which actually was the same amount that finalist Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Riots hit for the contest.   “Manny just hit just enough in round 2 to make it into the finals, and he saved his strength for round 3”.
Shawn Shadow was the biggest winner of the night.   He caught two balls back to back, in the same seat.  Good things have been happening to me, and this just was another good thing.  Good thing indeed as MWBL Christmas Classic sponsor Century 21, I-Pod, and Home Depot all had gifts to give the lucky fan.   “I got a new home from Century 21, a Nano I-Pod, a Home Depot gift card, and a remote car starter from an unnamed sponsor.  “That car starter looks way complicated to put in” said Shadow “I think I might get this done professionally”.
Ramirez in the post Classic press conference said “The wind thing bothered me, but I got over it.  I have good coaching from the Tempers Manager Chris Douglass, and he helps me through those types of situations.  This was another one of those things that I must overcome, and I did.   The wind knocked down quite a few long balls during the classic.   No one besides Ramirez and Pujols had more than 9 Home Runs.   Michigan Mauler Carlos Delgado had 9, and David Ortiz of the Chicago Mobsters had 8.  “It was quite disappointing the way the wind knocked down the left handed batters today” said Ortiz.  We had a good time, and made the best of it, and I am happy for Manny”.
In the end Manny Ramirez and Albert Pujols tied for the lead with 17.  The longest shot of the night was off the bat of former Yonge Street Stalker and current Garden City Gangster Richie Sexson.   Sexson mashed the only 500 foot Homer Run of the night.   554 feet to be exact.   “I think they through me a golf ball on that one, I hit it so hard and heard the crack of the bat, and the damn thing went 554 feet.  Can you believe that?” Sexson said.  Vladimir Guerrero of the Virginia Sluggers had the average distance award with an average home run of 465 feet.  “I only hit two said Guerrero so my distance was kind of skewed” Guerrero said.


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