PROPOSAL #1 – Propose we expand the first round of the playoffs to a 7 games series – *This proposal Passed

Reason for the Proposal: We play 162 games in the season and 5 game series just doesn’t cut it.
This format is used in another league I’m in and I think it makes the playoffs better.

Proposed by – Chris Douglass – Tempe Tempers

PROPOSAL #2 *This proposal Failed
Propose that a positional player be given credit for one (1) plate appearance for every game lost due to an injury up to and including days on the DL List. Also, regarding pitchers, Starting pitchers with 100 innings pitched or more during the MLB season, would be given one (1) innings pitched credit for every day injured. Relief pitchers and starting pitchers with less than 100 innings pitched during the MLB season would be given 1/3 inning pitched credit for every day of injury as it is set up in the APBA game. (.1=1/3, .2=2/3 IP) The rule for pitchers would also include all days up to and including days on the DL List. No credit would be given for the date of the injury to any player due to the fact that the player had played the day he was injured. This rule would be used for player retention purposes only and would not count in any way for season statistics in the MWBL.

Reason for this Proposal: Gives injured players some credit for usage in order to help a team retain that player on it’s roster at the end of the season.

Proposed by – Wally Walczak – Buffalo Braves

PROPOSAL #3*This proposal Passed
Propose that the Manager of the Year Award be voted on by MWBL members. Instead of awards being based on a formula involving Home vs. Road records, managers in each league (NL/AL) will select the manager they feel deserves the award (allowing them to take into consideration Home vs. Road records, improvements in the standings from the previous year, etc.).

Reason for this Proposal:
(1) A vote from our peers is far more meaningful than the results of a formula;
(2) Several NL managers that could have won the award over the poor sap that won last year.
(3) the best manager this league has seen (our first inductee to the HOF) has never won a Manager of the Year Award. Let’s make this a meaningful award.

Proposed by – George Skiles – Los Angeles Riots

PROPOSAL #4 – Propose Reduce the number of plate appearances that the minimum usage rule is applied to (for position players) from 400 PA to 375 PA – *This proposal Failed

Reason for the Proposal: A player with 375 PA should see some significant action in the MWBL.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #5*This proposal Passed
Propose we increase the draft from 10 to 12 rounds.

Reason for the Proposal: Many teams are not able to fully draft for their current years needs while taking the time to draft for prospects. Two more rounds will help struggling teams draft for current day needs (in order to fill out a complete roster) & draft prospects that will ensure more competitive balance in the future.

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #6*This proposal Passed
Propose we Increase active roster sizes from 35 to 37 players.

Reason for the Proposal: Reason: Since most MLB teams use 38 to 44 players during a given year, raising the limit to 37 seems reasonable. Lack of players often causes unrealistic results near the end of the season (example: some teams go into the final series with only 7 pitchers and 1 catcher).

Proposed by – Jason Kerns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #7*This proposal Passed
Propose we Increase the minor league players from a max of 10 to 12.

Reason for the Proposal: There are a lot of minor leaguers out there and pulling another 48 from the ranks will force teams to draft beyond the Top 100 listed in the latest Baseball America issue.

Proposed by – Jason Kearns – Camarillo Quest

PROPOSAL #8 – I propose we go to a draft lottery starting with the 2006 MWBL Draft – *This proposal Failed
Reason for the Proposal:

1st Lowest Records 8 Lottery Balls
2nd Lowest Records 7 Lottery Balls
3rd Lowest Records 6 Lottery Balls
4th Lowest Records 5 Lottery Balls
5th Lowest Records 4 Lottery Balls
6th Lowest Records 3 Lottery Balls
7th Lowest Records 2 Lottery Balls
8th Lowest Records 1 Lottery Balls

This would prevent teams from tanking games at the end of the season knowing where they would fall in the standings. The Draft would be lottery adjusted for the 1st two rounds of the draft. Beyond that it would go based on opposite order of finish. The Lottery would be conducted by the Commissioner as well as one of his minions. The proposed number of lottery balls would be as follows:

Proposed by – Steve Cutler – Hollywood Werewolves

PROPOSAL #9 *This proposal Passed
In the issue of fairness, I propose the following. If an owner departs, rather than rewarding a new owner a team instantly. We should allow the first departed team to become a “league run” team, with trading activities halted (for this team) until at least one more team is available to have a “Dispersal Draft” from a combination of the available rosters.

Reason for the Proposal: I think the history is clear. We have not had a year where less than two teams left. I think the “inheritance fairness” issue is lessened by two teams “splitting the pot”, so to speak, without the worry of a team being “league run” for multiple seasons.
A brief history of time….
2000 – Kentucky and Oregon (2) 2001 – Tijuana and Fremont (2) 2002 – Hollywood and Fire Lake (2)
2003 – Coconut Creek, Toledo, Medford (3) and 2004 – Michigan, Fort Brags?…..(don’t forget. We haven’t begun the season yet)

Proposed by – Scott Farquharson – Yonge Street Stalkers

PROPOSAL #10 *This proposal Failed
Propose that a minimum limit be placed on the pitcher when he starts a game.

*This proposal Failed
The starting pitcher of any league game, playoff or regular season, must pitch at least 4 innings, or allow 4 runs before he can be removed from any game, unless injured or ejected.

PROPOSAL #10B*This proposal Failed
Would be willing to make this rule 3 innings or 3 runs if the first idea isn’t to the whole league’s liking. In fact, the Rusty Cobb Memorial League uses the 3 and 3 rule. The ideas can be two separate proposals, or a vote on the two if we adopt it.

Reason for the Proposal: Its to make the manual manager use some sort of guideline to keep a starting pitcher a starting pitcher.

Proposed by – Lou Solomon – Canton Indians

PROPOSAL #11 *This proposal Failed
Propose we use a static grade specific to the characteristics of each MLB park.

*This proposal Failed
Propose that we allow each owner to pick one grade from the last five years and that will be the static ballpark grade we use moving forward.

*This proposal Failed
Propose that Each owner can also choose to take the five year average of their park.

Here are a couple examples. (Each owner would be provided with a breakdown of their parks numbers)

Brian (KEN) would have the option of choosing one of the following 5 grades.
1999 = 29
2000 = 14
2001 = 21
2002 = 24
2003 = 16
Average= 21 Brian Could choose any one of these years, and that grade would be used in future

Chris (TEM) would have the average of the following 5 grades.
1999 = 3
2000 = -6
2001 = -8
2002 = -7
2003 = 0
Average= -4

Reason for the Proposal: Currently the ballpark grade for each park shifts a couple points each year even though no changes are made to the actual ballpark. If I remember correctly, this is because the grade itself is based on runs scored. A good pitching home team can bring a grade down and bad pitching brings the grade up. Creating a static grade will be more realistic and should make it easier to plan for the future.

Proposed by – Chris Douglas – Tempe Tempers

PROPOSAL #12*This proposal Passed
Propose if Proposal 6 & 7 pass, we just increase it to 38 Man roster

Reason for the Proposal: This would make the Commissioners job easier if we have a 50 man roster total 38 Major Leaguers, and 12 Minor Leaguers. Again, this is if Prop 6 & 7 Pass, if those do not pass, this would not be necessary.

Proposed by – John “Stray” Corrado – Commissioner

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