The Canton Indians one of the original franchises in the Mid-West Baseball League have always thought they had a advantage when it came to home field.  Though in this Hall of Fame Exhibit, they will not show you why or how, but they will shed just a little light on why the Indians and their General Manager “Sweet” Lou Solomon believe in why they have a home field advantage.
The first and third situation occurs more often than not in many of the Mid-West Baseball League games we all play. In the games at the Tropicana field, the home of the Canton Indians, the visiting team is usually in trouble when there are runners at first and third.  Variations and nuances occur here, but this is a situation the Indians really feel they have in-depth knowledge of controlling.  “This is when it really, really counts.”  said Indians General Manager “Sweet” Lou Solomon.  “The Indians franchises knows when they need a grade C pitcher, and when the situation needs a hit-and-run.  We know when the team should not hit and run. We know when the bunt is a very bad idea, and we know when the double steal is a good idea.”  The Indians  have extreme knowledge of this situation, and know when were going to walk with at the plate, or should we swing away, and get a hit, and, most importantly, we know when we will not hit a GDP.”
“I can’t get too detailed here, but it is something you can learn if you play about a thousand games with the dice, the boards, and the advanced version of APBA.  It all is the same with the computer game for the most part.”

But, how do the Indians not give away secrets, and reveal key strategies here? It is something most of the players discount as “Sweet” Lou off on a tangent again. But, no, my MWBL ballers, this is a true fact, and I know that at least one of you, (the Mudhen dude), knows EXACTLY what we are talking about here.  Making the right move. And it can happen with runners at the corners more often than at any other time in the game.

   Of course, the Canton Indians can’t predict the outcome, just a good idea of what we can expect.  A VERY good idea of what we expect on a move that we make right here. For example, The Indians were playing at least two games in the 2001 Mid-West Baseball League season where we stole home with Robbie Alomar to win the game with runners at the corners.
   The best situation is the one where you have the qualifying hitter at the plate and you swing away and hit the homerun that says “He seems to like base runners” and you knew it was a 12 to 1 shot.
   The first and third situation can sometimes work to our advantage when we are the team on defense. For instance, we like bringing in our non Z pitcher here.  Uh, oh, did you just learn something.We could easily select Robbie Alomar or Jose Canseco, or David Segui. or Mariano Rivera as the Indians HOF Exhibit, but this is the real deal here in Canton, and with my MWBL players.  We know the first and third, and we know it well.When you visit Tropicana Field in Canton, the Tribe will be rollin’ those electronic dice, and I am hot.



• 2002 MWBL Season – 53 – 28  .654% At Home
2001 MWBL Season – 57 – 24  .704% At Home
2000 MWBL Season – 48 – 33  .593% At Home
• 1999 MWBL Season – 46 – 35  .568% At Home
• 1998 MWBL Season – 35 – 45  .438% At Home
• 1997 MWBL Season – 53 – 29  .646% At Home


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