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SERIES PREVIEW – The stage is set for an electrifying showdown in the Mid-West Baseball League’s Wild Card Round Playoff as the 4th seed Yonge Street Stalkers (92-70) go head-to-head against the 5th seed Cincinnati Skyliners (91-71). Both teams have had impressive regular seasons, and now they’re vying for a chance to advance deeper into the playoffs.  Yonge Street Stalkers (92-70): The Stalkers have been a force to be reckoned with this season, boasting a strong record and a roster filled with talent. Led by their ace pitcher, Gerrit Cole, who has consistently delivered stellar performances on the mound, the Stalkers are well-equipped to shut down opposing batters. Offensively, they’re anchored by power hitter/speedster Trea Turner, providing a well-rounded attack that can score runs in multiple ways.

Yonge Street’s roster is packed with seasoned veterans and rising stars who have shown they can thrive under pressure. Their postseason experience could be a significant advantage as they aim to secure a spot in the next round.

Cincinnati Skyliners (91-71): The Skyliners have also had a successful regular season and are eager to make a deep playoff run. Their roster features a mix of power hitters and crafty pitchers, making them a well-balanced team.

Offensively, Cincinnati is led by the dynamic duo of Cal Raleigh, Christian Walker & Mike Trout, who have been consistently delivering clutch hits throughout the season. The Skyliners’ ability to generate offense in critical moments could be their key to success in this matchup.

As the Wild Card Round begins, expect fireworks on the field as these two evenly-matched teams battle for their postseason lives. Every pitch, every swing, and every defensive play will be crucial in determining which team advances to the next round of the Mid-West Baseball League playoffs. Baseball fans, get ready for an unforgettable showdown between the Yonge Street Stalkers and the Cincinnati Skyliners.

GAME #1 – Pablo Sandoval 7-10 (3.24) vs. Nestor Cortes 10-4 (1.93)

Tommy Edman and Mike Trout led off game 1 w/ back to back HR. Patrick Sandoval only gave up a Jeremy Pena solo HR in the 4th. Nestor Cortes only allowed 1 more hit over 8 IP.

Cincinnati 2 – Yonget Street 1

Win: Pablo Sandoval 1-0 (1.29)
Loss: Nestor Cortes 0-1 (2.25)
Save: Brock Borke #1

GAME #2 – Rich Hill 6-5 (3.09) vs. Gerrit Cole 12-12 (3.94)

Adley Rutschman 2 run HR and Ha Seong Kim 3 run HR in the 3rd were plenty for Gerrit Cole

Yonget Street 7 – Cincinnati 3

Win: Gerrit Cole 1-0 (3.86)
Loss: Rich Hill 0-1 (16.88)

GAME #3 – Taijuan Walker 12-10 (3.29) vs. Braxton Garrett 4-2 (2.25)

Joey Meneses 2 run HR in 1st. CIN tried to answer in the bottom half, but YSS Thairo Estrada gunned down Brandon Drury (ran through the red light) to end the 1st inning with a 9-2-6 DP. YSS busted out the XBH the rest of the way. Trea Turner drove home a couple with a double. Jeremy Pena and Ha Seong Kim each had a pair of doubles. Taijuan Walker pitched to contact, but was strong. 

Yonget Street 7 – Cincinnati 2

Win: Taijuan Walker 1-0 (2.25)
Loss: Braxton Garrett 0-1 (14.54)

GAME #4 – Jalen Beeks 4-4 (2.82) vs. Cole Irvin 2-9 (4.91)

Following game 3, the crazy started.

Cole Irvin was done wrong in this one. Trea Turner and Nick Madrigal started the game with ground outs. Adley Rutschman and Kris Bryant followed with singles. We’re 2 on, 2 out with Jeremy Pena due up. 

Pena cuts at it … it’s a squibbler … hugging the third base line. Ramon Urias lets it roll … but it refuses to go foul.
it’ll look like a line drive in the box score … and the bases are loaded. Up steps Joc Pederson. The pitch … cut on … hit deep to left field … Anthony Santander’s going back … plenty of room, this should do it … it’s off his glove and takes a big hop away … Rutschmanscores, Bryant comes around to score … Pena streaks around third … he’s headed for home, here’s the play at the plate … SAFE!…ahead of the throw and Joc Pederson takes second on the play … Santander picks up the error. YSS 3 – CIN 0. A gut punch. The Skyliners scored single runs in the 4th and 6th to cut the lead to 1, but Jeremy Pena smacked solo HRs in the 7th and the 9th to put it out of reach. Cole Irvin gave up 4 hits total and didn’t walk a man. Seems like he deserved better. 

Yonget Street 5 – Cincinnati 2

Win: Jalen Beeks 1-0 (1.50)
Loss: Cole Irvin 0-1 (1.13)
Save: Emmanuel Clase #1

GAME #5 – Domingo German 8-1 (2.08) vs. Pablo Sandoval 7-10 (3.24)

The bonkers continued in this one. YSS maybe showed Pablo ndoval a bit too much respect out of the gate. The old 1st inning sacrifice strategy worked and YSS scored in the opener. In the bottom half, Edman grounded out, Mike Trout walked, but was erased on a CS. 2 out, bases empty. Domingo German then gave up a double to Anthony Santander and a 2 run shot to Christian Walker, CIN 2 – YSS 1 after 1. Both squads score single runs in the 3rd. CIN 3 – YSS 2 after 3.
Trea Turner singled home Jeremy Pena in the 6th to tie it. CIN – 3 YSS 3 after 6.
Trea Turner walked with 2 out in the 8th and came home on a Kris Bryant 2 run shot. YSS 5 – CIN 3 after 8. Joey Meneses plated a Ha Seong Kim double in the 9th to pad the YSS lead to 6-3. Bottom of the lineup for CIN in the 9th. Ramon Urias led off w/ a double. For CIN…  Brandon Drury facing Caleb Ferguson, B 9th, No Outs, Runner on 2nd, Behind 3-6. Fergusonrocks and fires … chopper out to the mound … Ferguson has it … goes to first and throws it away … Urias’s being waved home … he’ll score … Drury’s going for two and he’s safe … no throw … that’ll be an error on Ferguson. YSS 6, CIN 4. And the Skyliners are within reach … but they still trail by 2 and the crowd is urging them on! After a walk, YSS goes to the pen for Emmanuel Clase. The runners take their lead … the pitch … Tommy Edman hits a pea … past the diving Joey Meneses just inside the bag … it’s rolling … Thairo Estrada will have to play it near the corner Drury scores … Christopher Morel’s rounding third, they’re waving Morel in … Nick Madrigal will relay, here comes the throw home…the coach is waving Tommy Edman to third on the throw…here’s the play at the plate … and he’s … SAFE!…on a close play … tie game. Morel just outran the ball … and Edman takes third on the throw. so here we go, sports fans … the winning run is now on third base. YSS 6 – CIN 6. 

Mike Trout facing Emmanuel Clase, B 9th, No Outs, Runner on 3rd, Tied 6-6. Infielders in … Clase watching Edman at third … the pitch … big swing, it’s a dying quail to right … Estrada gallops in … Madrigal races back but it parachutes between them … a Texas League single for Trout… Edman scores easily, as Cincinnati walks it off!

Cincinnati 7 – Yonget Street 6

Win: Albert Abreu 1-0 (3.00)
Loss: Emmanuel Clase 0-1 (3.86)

GAME #6 – John Brebbia 6-2 (2.04) vs. Nestor Cortes 10-4 (1.93)

Back home for YSS. All quiet til the 4th. Christian Walker slammed a 3 run shot and Brandon Drury added a solo blast. The Stalkers got a solo HR from Kris Bryant in the bottom half. CIN 4 – YSS 1 after 4. Thairo Estrada smacked a solo HR in the bottom of the 5th. A Trea Turner double bounced off Anthony Santander’s glove and allowed Aaron Hicks to score. An Adley Rtschman single scored Turner and after 5 innings the score was knotted at 4. Cincy wasn’t having any more nonsense. In the top half of the 6th, Cal Raleigh and Ramon Urias emphatically answered back with 2 run shots to pull away

Cincinnati 8 – Yonget Street 4

Win: John Brebbia 1-0 (4.50)
Loss: Nestor Cortes 0-2 (5.40)

GAME #7 – Braxton Garrett 4-2 (2.25) vs. Gerrit Cole 12-12 (3.94)

May as well end it with more Bonkers. Mike Trout solo homered off Gerrit Cole in the 1st. CIN 1 – YSS 0.

Kris Bryant singled home Ha Seong Kim to tie things after 5. Back to back doubles by Trea Turner and Kris Bryant gave the Stalkers a one run lead after 7. YSS 2 – CIN 1.

Tommy Edman walked to lead off the 8th and Mike Trout cashed him in w/ a 2 run homer. Christian Walker tacked on a solo HR and after 8, it’s CIN 4 – YSS 2. The Skyliners added an insurance run with a Morel solo shot in the top of the 9th. Alex Lange loaded the bases with 1 out, but Emmanuel Clase left the bases loaded by whiffing Christian Walker and Cal Raleigh, Heading to the bottom half, it’s CIN 5 – YSS 2.

Buckle up! A single, a pop-up, a walk and an error loaded the bases for the home team w/ just 1 out. The stage is set – Joc Pederson facing Penn Murfee, B 9th, 1 Out, Bases Loaded, Behind 2-5. Infield deep … the runners take their lead … the pitch comes in … hit deep to left field…toward the gap … Anthony Santander’s chasing it … he’s at the track … he’s there…he slams into the wall! … that has to hurt … the ball rolls away … Trout’s after it…one run scores … two runs score … going first to third is Jeremy Pena…the throw comes in to second …  Pederson slides … safe at second! Joc Pederson has himself a double … Santander’s down … the umpire is calling time. The trainer’s out … he got banged up a bit on that play … it looks like he’ll leave the game. The report from the clubhouse…the Skyliners left fielder Anthony Santander injured for 1 day. CIN 5 – YSS 4.

Okay … one down runners at second and third … for Yonge Street … down by 1. We have Adam Frazier coming up to hit … he bats left.  Frazier facing Penn Murfee, B 9th, 1 Out, 2nd and 3rd, Behind 4-5. Skyliners playing for the out at first … the runners take their lead … Murfee into the wind…  Frazier slaps it on the ground to the right of second … Tommy Edman dives for it but it scoots by him … base hit … Trout’s running in for it … still running … Jeremy Pena scores…tie game … Joc Pederson is around third they’re waving Pederson in here comes the throw home Frazier’s going for second…here’s the play at the plate … and he’s … safe easily YSS 6 – CIN 5 and the STALKERS take it! … Game 7 goes to the STALKERS!!

Yonget Street 6 – Cincinnati 5

Win: Emmanuel Clase 1-1 (3.00)
Loss: Penn Murfee 0-1 (7.20)

SERIES SUMMARY –  This series was wildly entertaining and seemingly ALWAYS in doubt.   

Mike Trout and Christian Walker were studs for CIN, while Jeremy Pena stood out most amongst 4 or 5 YSS players who were pretty studly.

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