For Immediate Release
February 23rd, 2012

Irrelevant by team: Tempe (3); Severn (3); Kentucky (2); Freemont (2); Coconut (1); New
River (1); Sacramento (1); Elyria (1); Clovis (1)
Draft Year Player Team MWBL History   MLB History
1998 Jon Nicholson Clovis None Spent 4 years in Colorado minor league system
Never made it past high A ball.  Left minor league
system at age 21 with 21 minor league wins in 381 ip
1999 Bob Scanlan Tempe Drafted by Tempe and traded to Clovis. Bounced around minors and majors from age 19 to
Pitched 6.1 innings for Clovis and held age 36.  Played for a number of MLB teams, amassing
no decisions and a 7.11 ERA. a total of 536.2 MLB ip, holding a record of 20 and 34
with a career ERA of 4.63.  Retired in 2003.
2000 Wilson Betemit Kentucky Actually holds some “relevant” MWBL A bit of a fluke, but he actually holds better MWBL stats
stats, with 94 doubles, 64 HR, 240 RBI (not factoring in 2011 yet), than he does in MLB:
and a .244 batting average.  Still producing MWBL:  94 dbls – 64 HR – 240 RBI’s
MWBL stats as an active Member of MLB:   85 dbls – 55 HR – 197 RBI’s
the Hollywood Werewolves. Been around for a while, but still very young (30).
2001 D.T. Cromer Severn Played 2 season in the MWBL (01 & 02) Played 2 seasons for the Reds, holding a batting
Amassed a total 77 AB, with 4 HR; 13 RBI average of .308.
and a batting average of .208
2002 Omar Olivares Kentucky Pitched from 1997 to 2000 for 3 different Pitched from age 22 to 33 in MLB.  Held a record of 77
teams.  Started 118 contests and held a wins and 86 losses.  Pitched 1,591 ip, with a career
career MWBL record of 45 wins and 34 ERA of 4.67
losses, with an ERA of 5.06.
2003 Nick Swisher Fremont Drafted as an UNC rookie by Fremont, At 31 years old, still playing in MLB.  Holds stats
currently holds some impressive offensive through 2011 of 185 HR; 580 RBI; and a .254 batting
stats.  141 HR; 170 Dbls; 454 RBI; and average.
a .246 batting average.  Not bad for Rd 11.
2004 Rodrigo Rosario Coconut Grabbed in the 12th round, this pitcher Pitched 1 season for the Astros, garnering a 1.13 ERA.
started 2 games for Fremont, before
hanging up the cleats.  In his two games,
he pitched 1 CG, with a shutout.  He
holds a MWBL ERA of 2.81.
2005 Alay Soler Fremont Got his 15 seconds of fame, pitching a After a short stint in the minors, made his MLB debut
third of an inning for Fremont in 2007. in 2006, starting 8 games for the mets.  Spent the
following season in the Pirates AA farm, before calling
it a career.  Pitched 45 innings with 2 wins, and a
6.00 career ERA.
2006 Kevin Frandsen New River Roamed the infield for 3 different MWBL Has 7 career HR in MLB.  Is a non roster invitee this
teams, gathering career stats of 8 HR and year for Philly, with an outside chance of making the
39 RBI.  Has 540 career AB’s. Philly roster.
2007 Matt Antonelli Tempe Made his MWBL splash in 2009 with After spending last season in the minor leagues, the
Hollywood.  Went 0 for 6, with 3 walks. Orioles gave him a guaranteed contract (wth?).
Apparently several teams still think he’s got it.
Injuries have taken their toll on him.  He has 65 career AB
2008 Kyle Lotzkar Severn Drafted by Severn but never made it up Injuries have been his downfall.  He’s a canadian pitcher
during his 3 year tenure.  Re-drafted by that has been through Tommy John, and suffered through
Southbend in the 2011 draft. a stress fracture.  Talk is that he will not start again,
but will be a project for a relief pitcher.
2009 Joey Martinez Elyria Tossed 36.2 innings for 2 different teams Spent all of 2011 in the CLE AAA organization.  Bounced
Has 3 games, started, 2 of which were CG between SP and RP the entire season.  Holds career
and one was a SHO.  Has a career ERA of stats of:  49 IP; 3 wins, 3 losses, and a 6.16 ERA.
5.15, with 2 wins and 1 loss.
2010 Shane Robinson Sacramento Went 0 for 1 for Sac in 2010.  Currently Has 34 MLB career AB’s.
available on this years disk, but undrafted
Was drafted in 2010 in the 22nd round.
2011 Kirk Nieuwenhuis Tempe Still with Tempe. Expected to make a debut in 2012, as soon as Andres
Torres falls on his face.
2012 Erick Almonte Severn Snagged by Severn, but cut into the Holds an MLB record of .233 BA, 2 HR and 14 RBI.
waiver draft pool.  Might get picked up Currently with the Brewers.  Some expect him to
and be on a roster to start the season. make a contribution this year, others not so much.
Played 2 MWBL seasons (02 and 04).
Has MWBL stats of 3 for 13 with 1 HR.